Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Tuesday evening update


An old classic car at Zamora park!

Hazel feeding the chickens... I am so sad that our neighbor dog has been attacking our chickens! 
They are now cooped, fenced and covered. I love the idea of free range, but with the current neighbor dog situation, this would be really tough. Tonight I let them roam before baseball for a little over an hour. One of us just sat out there with them at all times.

Hazel just said to me "I remember holding that chicken! Those were happy times." :-(

Our two little white leghorns are gone. Rest in peace sweet chickens.
So much care goes into these silly birds. They are so sweet, fun to watch, full of personality. It has been really sad to watch them mourn the loss of their friends.

We are experiencing warm days and baseball each evening. Fun at the water park here and there and today was a home day. I attempted to keep up on messes. 
It is fun to have the kids home, playing and enjoying the break.

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Natasha said...

Those poor chickens. Have you seen those chicken tunnels? That could be an idea...get to work V :)