Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sunday evening update

Vacation Bible School last week was terrific. Watching those kids sing for Jesus, learn about Jesus love, learn about Science, make cool crafts... it was so fun! I did Pre-K crafts with Maria and enjoyed it so much.
Then this weekend was FULL of heat, baseball, cousin fun, gramma and papa fun! Fischer and Kendal spent the night Friday night after we all had dinner here and then yesterday and today Willem had a baseball tourney! It is nice to be here in town for a tournament. Merit had the weekend off so we had a bit more free time than usual. And we ate out more than usual, yum!

I feel bad for our chickens in this heat! Frozen treats and keeping their water containers filled seems to help. They also love time on the grass in the evenings.

I went thrifting with Maria two weeks ago. What fun!  We found so many neat things and several OLD things. Like this fun book! Maria found some great books too. We dug in the books and fabric for quite some time at the Ephrata Senior Center thrift store. Special treasures, good conversation and a refreshing break. It was what we both needed.

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Will up to bat!

 These boys!

And he was a great baseball fan this weekend!

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Natasha said...

I would love to go thrifting with you and Maria! Digging through fabric is like a dream!!