Sunday, March 25, 2012

Missing my mom

Lesha posted a cute picture of our mom on facebook today. It was our mom in the driver seat of the family van. It made me laugh and then it made me cry. I really miss her like crazy.

March 25

I think today I reflect most on what a FRIEND my mom was to me. I feel very blessed to have had a very real, uplifting, fun friendship with her.
My friends who have a wonderful friendship with their child or with their mother can begin to understand where I am coming from.
She was very easy to talk to and had such an interest in each of us kids lives, our friends, what made us laugh...
I am thankful that she loved Jesus.
I am thankful she spent lots of time with her kids.
I am thankful I have four siblings.
I am thankful she loved to laugh with her family.
I am thankful that many sweet memories were made with her.

Mom and Lesha

Phillip, Matt and my mom

Mom and Dad

Our family

My mom and me

Three weeks before our mom passed away I had driven to Lynden from Moses Lake to spend the weekend. That weekend, my mom and I shopped for a bridal shower she was throwing. We bought tulips to have in the center of the table. We went to church together at Wiser Lake Chapel and went to TJ Max after church. We went for a long walk down Weidkamp Road that Sunday afternoon before I headed back to Moses Lake. I had no idea that three weeks later, on a Sunday evening, she would pass away.
I really love having made those memories and countless others with her.
March has always been a month of blossoms, baby animals, new growth, new beginnings. For a long time after my mom passed away it was a month of sadness and mourning.
But I need to remember March 25, 2001 was a day of new LIFE and new beginnings for my mom. We lost her and could hardly bare to face our days without her, but it was a day of celebrating and new life for her.

And a few years later on March 25 my mom's father, Grandpa Ken was also called to his heavenly home. March 25th again was a day of mourning, but also a day for celebration. We miss them both so much.

This March I want to focus on new life, new beginnings and high hopes.... because they really are there.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ordinary Days

An ordinary day.
My days are rarely ordinary. And I mean that in a good way.

We have strange going ons with the neighbor goat. She loves to join us for walks. She climbed in my car the other day and today helped herself into our house. ;O

It is work to all get down to the bus on time. I started doing this so Nellie could get some exercise, instead she likes to catch a ride in the bottom compartment of the stroller.
We are sure enjoying Nellie! Other than the slow going potty training!

"Let's go Nellie!" Hazel likes to say.

Two days ago, Willem, Hazel, Willem's buddy Dylan and I tried to chase a wood pecker out of our cabin.
The shrieking coming from Hazel and the "attack mode" the boys were in had me giggling.
Not ordinary, a bit exciting.
Wish I had some pictures of this!

Willem asked me this afternoon if I would like to go on a boat trip for $299.
 Television advertisements really speak to this guy.
He also told me last week that he thought it was strange that moms and dads let
their kids grow up and become adults. I am not sure I like the idea of that either. :)

These days are really good.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Great Weekend

I was so fortunate to be able to make memories with my sister Lesha this weekend! I loved our time!
Refreshing, silly, fun... just what we needed.
We ate some really yummy meals and sat and talked for hours.
I think we had the most fun shopping at Marshalls and the Sanrio (Hello Kitty) Store. Our first stop was a thrift store that was fun too!
Vance did great with the kids. I came home to a clean
kitchen and a happy family. I feel very blessed.
I could tell Nellie missed me too. :)
Have a wonderful week!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Update

We had a BUSY weekend!! The boys finished up their cookie dough sales, a big
school fundraiser. Merit had a soccer tournament and a basketball tournament.
His soccer games were in Ephrata, his basketball games here in Moses Lake.
We did lots of running around. I am very thankful for the kids and families we meet through sports.  Basketball season has now ended.
Merit's basketball team ---- This is a really nice group of boys. We also
appreciate Toby and Alison's dedication and time.
Merit's team did not win one game this season. Not the easiest thing for a
very competitive Merit to handle. But the kids learned to work better as a team.
They were much better defenders comared to the beginning of the season.
Way to go Bombers! It was fun to get to know you guys!!

Hazel, Nellie and Gramma Kris
Soccer season is in full swing!
We love watching Merit play soccer!

Nellie is a big fan too.

High five after a goal!

Coach Ryan showing them how it's done.

Nellie on the run!
Nellie's brother Pete came over to play. They loved to wrestle!!                  

We have had a few days that have really felt like spring. We seem to be outside a ton
on those days. I love to think about spring flowers and new growth.
We had a campfire the other night. Willem loves a good fire and exploring outside!
Today however it is cold and windy! AND Merit has baseball tryouts tonight.

Both boys have been reading a lot. They are earning Silverwood tickets!
Silverwood is a really cool theme park about three hours from here.
Hazel likes to read too and is liking to be read to more and more. I love watching
her imitate her big bros. Most of the time.

Have a great week!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Outdoor fun, enjoying Nellie!

Getting outdoors a little more feels refreshing and fun.

Merit's soccer season is off to a great start and the
fields where he practices are part of a really pretty park.
Hazel, Willem and I love running and playing and also
enjoying the sunsets while Merit practices with his team.

There's Willem on the beach.

Our front room has been transferred into a hideout for army guys.
Willem's enjoying these so much Abby, Luke and Emily! Thanks for
sending them!

Nellie is so loved!

Nellie girl. Laidback, sweet, cuddly, best puppy breath, playful...

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Puppy Love

We can hardly stand the cuteness! On Friday this little female lab joined our family!

helloooo world!

Hazel adores this dog.

We need to name this little sweetheart.
We sure feel fortunate to have this pup join our family.