Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hazel Jane, one week old

Hazel Jane - One Week Old

We are so in love.
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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Jansen Family Update

Hazel Jane is just the addition this family needed, it seems she completes our family. What a blessing this sweet, content baby is!! Merit and Willem are such good big bros. They really crack me up. Hazel had blood drawn yesterday because her jaundice looked high.. .it was and they had to order us the "bili-light." I didn't realize she was supposed to be under this light pretty much all day and night. I thought just a few hours here, a few hours there. She will have blood drawn again Friday and I hope and pray her numbers will have come down.
When we went to the Medical Supply store to get the bili-light, Willem wanted to show everyone there how he can hold and care for Hazel Jane. :)
Today we picked up Merit from school and he couldn't wait to show some of the ladies there his new sis.
She slept great last night... but that may not be a wonderful thing. I need to be sure to keep her hydrated so probably need to wake her to nurse if she goes more than three hours. This morning I was rested and grateful for her four hour + stretches -- but I need to keep an eye on this little one and make sure she gets lots of breastmilk.
She is so sweet. She is so adorable.... can you tell she has a proud mama??

Tomorrow Merit has a field trip and Willem has a "Let's Pretend" party at his pre-school! What a fun day for both of them!! And we will make sure Hazel gets lots of time with the light. You can see her glowing on this pic here.

Monday, October 26, 2009

We are so thankful for this little beauty!

Willem and Merit both adore her, but I have been so excited and surprised to see just how crazy about her Willem is! He asks to hold her often. :)
Both boys are doing so well and are such great big brothers.
Vance has been awesome! Cooking, cleaning, laundry, support - I am so thankful for him.
Last night didn't provide much sleep, ugh! Just lots of feedings and diaper changes. But oh how I love looking at that beautiful little face of hers...even at 2am :).
Hazel Jane is now four days old. We thank God for this sweet baby girl.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

with JOY we welcome our beautiful Hazel Jane

Born at 11:26pm October 21st
Weighing 8 lbs 8.8 ounces
21" in length
Proud parents: Vance and Michele
Proud, adoring brothers: Merit and Willem
Thank you God for this precious baby girl!


Hazel Jane is here!!! We welcome her with JOYOUS, GRATEFUL, HAPPY HEARTS!!! She is SUCH a blessing!
I was induced, yet again, Wednesday morning. I called the hospital at 5am, they told me to come in at 7. Vance and I did A LOT of walking that day. I'd lay flat for an hour each time they applied the "stuff" to get my cervix going then they would allow me to walk and helped things progress. Hills actually helped me feel like she might be getting in a better position so we walked hills and stairs and racked up the distance. People even called the hospital thinking I was an "escapee" trying to get away! By late afternoon my contractions were coming on really good. My Dr came in and broke my water. Sometime in the evening I got an epidural.... but then we realized our little girl was not positioned well for a vaginal birth and she was still high. With both my boys I had vaginal births, so I was a bit scared about a C-section... but we trusted this may be the wise decision. Around 9pm or so (things are a bit foggy) they scheduled my C-section. At 11:26 pm, our baby girl was born! She weighed 8 lbs 8.8 ounces and is 21" long. She is SO beautiful!! She has dark hair, a perfect little face, adorable expressions... her mama is sure proud! :)
Pictures later today or tomorrow - I hope!!! We are lacking sleep, we are adjusting, my belly is sore -- but looking at Hazel feels so wonderful! God is so good.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Thriftin fun, grateful heart, learning patience

I sort of have a lot on my mind tonight. Today I visited with Merit's teacher and was so proud of him after my visit with her. She says his reading is just really taking off. He has been testing out of his Read Well units with high scores and doing great on his spelling tests. He's working hard and taking pride in his work. He often feels like his days are L-O-N-G and is occasionally reluctant to go to school -- but October has been better than September was, so for that I am grateful! And I love it that he is making lots of progress!
Willem is truly enjoying Happy Hearts pre-school! I love hearing about his day and reviewing his work!!
This morning I ran errands while both boys were at school. I even had a few minutes to spare so hit a thrift store... therapy for me! :) I have been finding some fun art. This flower picture is one thing I have found recently... and the wall with the plates, like it but don't love it. I am on the hunt for two or three more plates to add to the collage.
Today Will and I joined Merit at school for lunch. It was fun to visit with him there and sit at the "boys table" with he and some of his classmates.
Willem is beginning to realize that life may change here soon with baby sister coming and he hears so many people ask me about being overdue and when the little one may arrive... he has been fighting for control in some ways which some days is tiring. I just hope I can provide as much consistency for both boys as possible as we welcome the baby girl blessing into our home. This has been a lesson in patience for all four of us! My body holds on to these babies! My mid wife feels it is really time for her to come out.
I so appreciate all of your prayers and kind wishes!! I look forward to posting "She's HERE!"
love, Michele

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Autumn beauty

Yesterday evening, we experienced the most beautiful RAINBOW.fall card packets, made for friendsMy new Close To My Heart Neighborhood stamp set has already been put to lots of good use! Occasionally I search for free vintage graphics on the internet or through blogs. This little Acorn with the girl and puppy caught my eye!

Saturday, October 17, 2009


It's been TEN days since I have been induced!
My NP/mid-wife called me today - her care has been wonderful. She asked "Is anything happening YET?" I answered "no." She told me she needs to go to Tri Cities tomorrow (an hour from here) and get some shopping done. I am to call her if anything is happening and she will head back to Moses Lake. It is a comfortable, reassuring feeling that she really wants to be here for this delivery!
I am thinking I could sure use some sibling time right about now, wish they weren't so far. I might as well make waiting for this baby fun right?? I would LOVE to have my sisters and brothers here.
I know once this baby comes we will so appreciate a quiet house our little family of five... but at the moment distractions are kind of nice.
I joined Merit at a buddy's Birthday party this afternoon. That was what I needed -- hanging out with fun loving, rowdy kids and enjoying conversation with a few women I love, it was wonderful.
Vance and Merit are getting ready to watch a little football. Vance made an awesome baked spaghetti tonight... time to curl up on the couch with a good book.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Merit's 7th Birthday! Our soccer champ!

Yesterday was Merit's 7th birthday!! Although we have been so anxious and excited for this lil' sis to come, I am thankful she didn't come yesterday! I really wanted these October babies to each have their own day! We celebrated at the bowling alley with Gramma Adie, Uncle John, Aunt Katie, cousins Fischer and Kendal and our fam of four-- here are Will and Fischer playing the play till you win candy game!

Merit and Fischer enjoying some cake.

Merit's soccer team!! We love this little team!!

Merit's determination and speed make us proud! Soccer is a GREAT sport for him! Merit, we are so proud of you! Thanks for being a wonderful kid!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fall colors, fall fun! Lovin life in Moses Lake

I am so thankful for this baby girl to be! Holding her in my arms after this wait will be so sweet! Last week Wednesday I was induced... seems weird it has been a week almost and no labor yet... but it will happen... she will come! Thank you for praying!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Crisp air, beautiful colors, time with family

Yesterday was a relaxing fun day. The weather was so beautiful. Willem and I went for a long hike, even did some rock climbing! We all spent some time down at the cabin and got a cozy fire going.Betty is soo "birdie!" I love how alert she is when we hike. We heard some hunters acrossed the creek and her excitement was fun to watch.