Friday, January 12, 2018

And through the hard, we can choose to be grateful

There is something about seeing our children grow. It is not promised, it is not a given. So with each day, month and year - we should whisper prayers to God for the gift of time. 

I have had so many thoughts this week about having a grateful heart. 
An extra dose of gratefulness seems to be on Hazel and Oren's hearts this week. Their thankful hearts and words did wonders for my heart. 
Hazel played at a friends last night. Her friend's mom made her a salad, with ranch dressing. And Hazel told me she had the most delicious chicken and white sauce pasta. She was thankful and descriptive. She did bead art with her friend and she made a cat that looks like Connie. She was so excited about this project, about her work and about her time with her friend. 
Oren is tracing his letters SO well!! If you could have seen his attempt at printing in Sept. and the growth from then to now, you would be impressed. And he is so PROUD of his work! He pulls his papers out of his red folder with GREAT JOY! 

Case has been gone 8 years. This sweet baby boy was called to heaven on January 12th, eight years ago. 
I see my sister's grateful heart, her faithful heart in her FB post today. 
The verse she shared was:
"Yet he did not waver through unbelief regarding the promise of God, but was strengthened in his faith and gave glory to God." Romans 4:20

Natasha and Reese had a difficult encounter with our dad this week where he was being irrational. 
They are going through another anniversary of their second son being gone from this earth.
They are working hard at finding their way in having relocated recently (back "home"), while living in a travel trailer in the dead of winter.
They are raising three active, fun kids who all share a bedroom in that travel trailer.
They are staying on our dad's property for right now. She walks into the home where she was raised, where our mom lived, where we made sweet memories with a mom who was fun, funny, kind and forgiving. She misses her very much.
But guess what I hear in her words? I hear gratefulness. 
She laughs at the silly. She is a great mom. She has a strong faith in God. She has a great job working at BLOEM - with baking on the side. 
I also want her to be able to vent to me at anytime, all of my siblings and they have been so good about listening to me whine at times. 

Thanksgiving, 2009 

I don't get God's plan but I trust it. 
I pray my faith is strengthened and that I am given a gift to encourage, all the while BEING GRATEFUL.
Please pray for Tasha and Reese tonight. 

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Basketball Fever!

 Basketball! The hard work, the exercise, the team work! I love it.

We lost in overtime, the last game of the tourney last weekend. 
A bit of a heart breaker but our guys held their heads high.

Merit's schedule is very intense. He plays out of town a lot too. 
He had a great game last Saturday in Yakima. We missed it :-(  

The rain is really coming down today and I love it.
No time for a blanket and a book though 

Friday, January 5, 2018

And a request for fondant was made

Hazel LOVES to bake! Cook and bake! Mostly bake. She has gotten creative with frosting. She asked if I could please buy her some fondant. She had watched Rosanna Pansino videos on cake decorating and was very inspired. So we bought a block of pink. 
Last night we baked a boxed cake but substituted applesauce for the oil and added an extra egg yolk. Such a different texture. I think I prefer the oil.
I ran both big boys to basketball, came home and told her I would hop on the spin bike just for a bit and she could work with the fondant.  I came back in from a short spin in the shop and this is what I found! Beautiful and creative. 

This guy! He made many requests to help.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

January 2, 2018!

Feels funny to say "2018"! Time is pressing forward, flying by!
And what we do with that time is important.
I can't wait to take Hazel to Art Garden Pottery this January and PAINT! 
I am excited to schedule some sub jobs!
It will be fun to watch Merit and Willem as basketball moves forward. 
Oren is learning and growing and making me laugh! 
If you want a mood booster, buy a homeless person a warm meal or give them new, warm socks! Drop off a bag of quarters to a few mamas at the Laundry Mat! Buy your child's teacher a tea or coffee! Buy the awesome school employees who work the parent pick up line a warm drink. 
WRITE a letter
MAKE a card 

winter night HOT TUB

Estelle is so kind to Oren. The shy boy who has a "chunk" of warm up time leaps into her arms when she asks "hug?"

Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!
I happened upon Merit writing a paper for English yesterday and was reminded that break is winding down. I am not ready. Would love another week at home with these kids. But already tomorrow is filled with practices and appointments.
Our Christmas break was good! Lots of family time, I am happy we were able to connect with so many in Lynden before that crazy storm came through. Some still without power in that area (since Friday). Lazy mornings were the best. We watched a few movies and ate lots of good food.