Saturday, March 17, 2018


I was a little nervous about the weekend.
I have found a way to help calm those nerves -- these people! (Jenn and Marilyn not pictured). Our birthday group. They pray, they make me laugh, they make me smile, we share each other's burdens, we love each other's kids.
There have been losses and gains, there have been tears and laughter. There have been many memories made. Often times just in each other's kitchens and for me, that is so very perfect.

I approached the weekend with more gratitude in my attitude.
Oh and this mornings Kari Visker texts didn't hurt a bit either! 
FRIENDS! How I appreciate them!! 

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Chickens, Kids, The Outdoors!

Oh the joy.
A girl and her cat. 
Connie LOVES to go on hikes with us!! 


Our most interesting, most timid, most odd hen.
She is one year old this month and has never laid an egg...
or has she? 
She is a great flyer, sneaky and creative. 
She flies out of the coop each morning and in right before bedtime. 

Hens and Chicks

Hazel Jane

Tuesday, March 13, 2018


My cup of coffee tastes extra good this morning. Or maybe cupS of coffee. I suffer from some insomnia but the last month has also brought me some good nights sleep. I usually take magnesium before bed, I think this helps. Last night was not terrible, but the coffee seems to be a morning necessity.

Oren had MANY things to show me yesterday! I wasn't responding quickly enough in his mind, so he finally said "Pretend you are magnetic and I am holding a magnet." 
He is SUCH a joy. He is a challenge too. He is so smart. He is very cautious. He is so much fun. 

Willem's weekend of basketball was his BEST weekend YET!

We blinked and this happened. 
Time FLIES and I will enjoy every second of it! 

I better run ... Dentist appts for Hazel and Oren in a few!

Monday, March 12, 2018

Monday Morning

Our weekend summed up:
My Fair Lady! What a show! More performances next weekend!
Baseball AND Basketball! Baseball for Merit in ML --  The team played great. It was a jamboree. They played two 3 inning games and won both. Merit pitched well.
Willem played 5 games of basketball in Spokane. I have never seen a kid grow so much in a sport in one season. His coaches believed in him, his teammates believed in him and his hustle and work ethic is outstanding.
Hazel went to Alli's birthday party and had a fantastic time!
Oren was along for the ride. What a kid.
Then yesterday afternoon, Blue Palm with all 4 kids! We love Fro Yo. Then, time with the chicks! And some relaxing.

And here we are, it is ALREADY MONDAY!
Wishing you all a terrific week! 

Friday, March 9, 2018

Fun on the Farm


Oren's drawings are very interesting. He told me this is Goofy.

 Wild Will, creek jumping

We have babies to take care of! 
These chicks are so darling. Oren and I brought two chicks to school this morning, Hazel's school, Hazel shared them in her classroom and then we shared them in two kindergarten classrooms. It was wonderful. We have four for now, hoping to get a couple more in a couple of weeks.

Merit is gone a lot! I realized I haven't gotten him on our pictures for a while. 3 hour baseball practices after school! And then he will be gone for away games too. We certainly miss him! He is having a lot of fun though.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018


About four years ago, while in a women's Bible Study at my church, our pastor's wife passed around a meal sign up sheet for a mom with a newborn, she had just had her second baby. The sign up sheet was passed around and maybe three women agreed to take the new momma a meal. Everyone busy, all with kids of their own, some with jobs outside of the home...  Our pastor's wife (who by the way has taught me many life lessons) passed the sheet around again. She said "I know you are busy. I understand. But this young mom, who just brought home her second baby, needs us." She said we could bring a frozen lasagna or Papa Murphy's. It didn't have to be from scratch. It did not have to be fancy. It was what we felt we could do at that time. But she so encouraged us to reach out. I signed the sheet on the second go around. Forever grateful I did.
That momma recently lost a child, a little boy.

Merit read an instagram post last night. The guy sounding depressed, his post somewhat desperate. Merit read it to me. I asked Merit if he had his contacts. He told me he did not have a phone # but could send this boy a message through instagram. It was sort of a "we have to check in moment." -- Prayers being whispered.

A buddy of Merit's recently reported that he does not know who his dad is. A freshman kid, no dad, his mom working her butt off. God bless them. He's a great kid.

I see children not bathed, hungry and in need of encouragement. Giving a kindergarten class a bunch of pancakes, sneaky chef style, with wheat germ and oatmeal is ONE thing I can do. A small thing.

Our elementary P.E. teacher was willing to support Merit's most recent sport fundraiser, she has supported him in the past too. I told her we took a different avenue and asked if she would support a struggling kid. Not only did she, willingly, she said "anytime you know of a kid who is struggling to meet the goal, let me know."

We have had a week of supportive friends reaching out, of kindness, of good stuff.

I hope I never miss the boat.
I pray I can take care of others while I take care of my own family.

I pray I can make a difference.

My heart is heavy but it is also grateful. I GET the opportunity. I SEE where we can help. Our kids are learning this too. REACHING out, making a difference, one step at a time, one day at a time. Thank you God.


I made 16 pancakes for 16 cute kindergartners yesterday! And again today. Oatmeal and wheat germ added. Kindergarteners are sponges! Their learning AMAZING! And healthy snacks are important. My kids love them too! We even packed them in lunches.

SPRING is in the air. Gorgeous sunny days! But still pretty cold.

Our Leavenworth time last week was so nice. Here are some pictures.

 The kids certainly got artsy at that fun cabin.
Reese and Natasha made a delicious steak dinner!
It was hard to say good bye. But hopefully we will see them in April!

Sunday, March 4, 2018


Thursday we got some time with Natasha, Reese and family in a pretty cool cabin in Leavenworth. I literally watched them stretch their legs and viewed them enjoy the fun, huge space. (probably 1,400 square feet so by no means a large house but it was in comparison to their current space :-) They are living in a travel trailer and will be for some time. But their land is right across the street from my dads and where they are "camping" so they really get to prepare and dream. Natasha makes me think of my mom sometimes. Hazel soaks up cousin girl time! She is so often surrounded by boys. That cousin fun was dreamy. Lane and Willem snow shoed! Willem LOVED it! 

Friday night started off with tamales and salsa and chips at home - no one having to be be anywhere, the "slowness"feeling good. 

Yesterday I sat in bleachers in the SUN, yes it was cold too but in the SUN, watching the freshmen scrimmage. Familiar faces feeling oh so fun. Glad that baseball season is starting up again.
Last night we BBQd steak and potatoes, it was so good. 
Today was the youth auction at church! I was so excited about putting together a few baskets! It was a fun way to help. 
I took Merit and Royce to the Big Bend baseball game today. They sat with Carter and his grandpa. The grandmas and grandpas we encounter and form relationships with have been so very fun, a blessing. Rick, Carter's grandpa, used to play for the Mariners, his love for baseball and his knowledge of the game SHINES! Merit gets a kick out him and enjoys his stories. It was a fun afternoon. 
Hazel, Willem,Vance, Oren and I enjoyed time at the creek and cabin today. Connie and Nellie joined the fun.  This afternoon I took on the dreaded job of cleaning the chicken coop! But we got it done and I am "nesting", preparing for baby chicks! Hazel CANNOT wait! 
Hazel helped clean the coop too. She is a farm girl. 
Pictures to come!

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

A Tuesday Catch Up

The way the sunlight is shining through our house right now, beautiful! Even through dirty windows. 
Willem and Oren! Buddies

Baseball fundraising begins. Dear heavens. But when you have two kids that play 3 sports, there is going to be some fundraising! Considering delivering banana bread or chocolate cream cheese cupcakes to those who buy a gold card! :-)!

I baked banana bread today, got a bag of clothes going for Goodwill and am putting together 2 baskets and a bundle of cards for our youth auction Sunday. The baskets are so fun! One is a little baking basket and the other is a "spa" basket! It includes a loofah, a handmade soap, a face mask and.... hmmm thinking of a hair product or nail polish. 
Oren begged for a stroller ride this morning. Yesterday was a gorgeous day for a walk and ride! Today was a bit cooler and the wind felt really chilly. Our adventure took us downtown where we had some protection because of the buildings. It was cold but good. 
Baseball try outs are going on for Merit
Willem is still in basketball. 
Last weekends tourney was a favorite of mine. We had fun in Wenatchee and it was great to hang out with the team. Smash won 4 games and lost 1. We took third in the tournament.
Hazel is so excited to go horse back riding again too. She also took an art class on Friday and I had the pleasure of being a volunteer. She is a creative girl.
Oren loves writing, building with blocks and playing trucks. He likes school most days.

More pictures from a beautiful afternoon outside yesterday.