Friday, June 12, 2015

chicken raising, baseball, summer dayz

I rarely print my pictures anymore and I wish I would. I need to get at least some of them in albums.
Today my head is spinning a bit! Blogging is therapeutic and I suppose a good way to organize my thoughts, my days and share our pictures of course.
This weekend Merit has a tournament in Wenatchee, Willem in Moses Lake. Between the two of them there could be 10 games. Better pack the water bottles, sunscreen, sunflower seeds and kid snacks! I just finished packing all the food and supplies Merit will need for East Wenatchee. Phew!

Our adopted chickens like their new digs.

barefoot, no shirt, playing in gravel and dirt -- summa livin'

One or maybe both of our egg layers that we just adopted are picking on the younger chicks.
Hopefully, not for long! I distract them with herbs, frozen treats, try to let them out for a bit...

 When we do let them out we have to stand guard. The kids like to hang out outside with these ladies so it works out.

Expressive sweetie

Can't wait to watch the big boys play BALL!!

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