Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas Break, Memories, Life

Dirty socks, lots of cereal bowls, slushies made from snow and sprite, LAUGHTER, laundry, prayer

collecting eggs, watching Teen Nick, Price is Right, baking, LAUGHTER, laundry, prayer

Looking back on Christmas once again and thankful for a longer visit with Uncle Jeremy than I have had in quite some time! Also, I got to meet my blogging friend Tami Rylaarsdam. To be honest, she is so much more than a blogging friend! She sent us an adorable blanket when Hazel was a wee baby. A few weeks later my nephew Case passed away. She sent me the most heartfelt card. She prayed for Natasha and Reese, she prayed for all of us.

 Her "style" is amazing! We share a love for vintage.So on December 23rd we finally met! I got to give her a big hug, we had a short visit. I left so thankful! When you brag about one of your best friends (yet you haven't really met her) people don't always take you seriously. Well, we've met! And next time we will have an outing just of our own.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas 2015

Christmas 2015
We left snow in Moses Lake to make that trek over the mountain pass. Mixed feelings for sure. It is so good to see SO much family in Lynden! It is hard to travel and it is difficult to not be HOME for Christmas. But we made the decision to go and made memories with SO many. 

Christmas Eve we got almost a full day with Lissa, Travis and girls! Oh how we loved this! A highlight for sure. Lissa and I became dear friends in kindergarten. Not only has that friendship lasted. It has grown, oh so much. Our children LOVE their girls! Time with them was a blessing. That night we went to Grandpa Jim's! A shop party! Dad made a delicious prime rib dinner. We all missed Natasha, Reese and kids, but it was fun to be with Lesha, Rob and kids, my dad, Matt, Brenda and Phil.

Oren Paul is at such a fun age this Christmas season!

Brandon, Emily and sweet LB

Hazel and Oren

Love this boys curiousity, wonder and spunk

 I love this picture! Luke trying out Abby's selfie stick!
Oren and Emily

Christmas Day included waking up at Stan and Adie's. Santa filled our stockings!! Adie made us a yummy breakfast. We had cousin fun and good times relaxing. Then at about 2:00 we went to Grandma Alma's. We had a delicious dinner there and opened gifts. Later that evening Vance and I went to his sister Mindy's and we had a really special visit. My heart is full. So thankful we can celebrate the birth of Jesus! And I am so thankful we have so many loved ones to spend time with and enjoy.

Fun at Grandma's

We got home Saturday afternoon. We opened gifts together. The snow had stayed.
It feels so good to be home.

Each time we visit Lynden I wish we could have seen more people. But I love that we saw as many as we did in three days! My dad would like us to stay with him, Adie and Stan would like us to stay with them. We can't do it all so we do what we can and try to have peace with that. We rushed out of my grandma's to go see Mindy and left Grandma with a mess! So thankful Lesha, Brenda and Matt stayed and helped her clean up. I am so thankful for our family.

And I am excited to see what 2016 has in store!! I have some resolutions! Well, sort of. I have some special focuses. 




Monday, December 21, 2015

SNOW - remembering to pause and pray

Oren has been singing Let it Go for the past few days and I can't tell you how much this makes me smile! He is such a delight and such a challenge.

Christmas break - oh how I love it!

Hazel and I saw a woman with a broken arm today at WalMart. In a cast and in a sling. I mentioned to Hazel that it must be so difficult to grocery shop, push a cart, wrap presents etc with a broken arm. I prayed prayers of thanksgiving for our able bodies. Hazel prayed for the woman with the broken arm, praying it would heal quickly.

I am rushing about. I have procrastinated. I haven't read from my Advent book as much as I would like, but we are pausing for the important stuff. We are trying to do things that matter and we are reminded of Jesus love.

For those lonely and hurting this Christmas, we will say extra prayers.
Today we are thankful for:
The birth of our Savior
fresh eggs
appetizers at Michael's on the Lake with WONDERFUL friends last night
cozy evenings at home
(Willem just came downstairs to read my post so far. He started giggling "fresh eggs?" he asked.)

happy chickens! 

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A blog post and then back to my "to do" list

I have wrapping paper strewn everywhere. I haven't gotten to the dishes yet. My chickens are out free ranging, gotta check on them. Oren has been pushing trucks along the floor, I love the sound of this. And taking breaks to say "watch this mommy" to which I must reply "I'm watching." He is now snug as a bug in a rug. Napping. My to do list is long. Mostly good stuff. Except getting Oren in for a haircut. Oh that stresses me out.

I am so glad Natasha, Reese and family made it to San Diego. A new chapter, a new adventure. Military life is hard. -- But they arrived at their friend's house (they get to house sit which is so much better than a hotel) And San Diego friends had put up a Christmas tree! Had stockings for their family, their was dinner in the crock pot and a fridge full of food! How awesome! I am so thankful for those who help take care of my siblings. ! Being the oldest of five... I sometimes think that is my job, just a tiny bit, and there isn't always enough of me to go around. Oh we miss our mom. And our children in some way miss her too. They may not have met her, and that is what they are missing. And so we hope that her influence and love and patience shines through each of us and that our kids do, in fact, get to know Grandma Karen, through us.

Merit had an AWESOME basketball game yesterday! Close game, a great win! So much fun!!

Merit did great with his foul shots yesterday! 

Oren is not much for basketball games. But he loves the playgrounds at the schools! Even in 25 degree weather. So, he runs and plays and laughs and begs to not have to go back into the gym! Mr. Willem was the awesome guy yesterday who watched after him! I would check on them every little bit and Willem would say "I can't believe he is not cold yet" and Oren would laugh and jabber and run. 

 Monkey see, monkey do. This child has watched me take countless pictures of the chickens! He decided to give it a whirl with his pretend cell phone camera!

pooper scooper
She is so sweet about shoveling chicken poop!

A little hike on Vance's birthday, December 13, felt oh so good

oh yeah... that "to do" list...

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Pictures tell a story

Pictures really can tell a story. I feel like these do.

lunch at Porterhouse, yes please

Time well spent with FAMILY.