Friday, June 5, 2015

A happy heart, a thankful spirit

Make a wish

This week I remembered that I love Oren so very much! ;-) 
After some grocery store fits, head butting, demanding capri suns and being a stinker - he had more happy days, more garden running days, more smiles, more hugs, so much more SWEETNESS. Oren, I love you naughty and nice. But oh, the nice is so sweet and good for this mama's soul!
Thank you God for this darling little stinker.

I am so thankful for this two year old!! And for his big sister and big brothers!!
Summer break officially starts at noon today!!

These chickens never talk back.


kelly said...

Haha! This had me laughing out loud. In Spanish I would say, I see your "pompis" lil Oren. So glad you are having a great day and yay for Summer Break!!! We are not far behind! This is going to be an epic one! xo

Natasha said...

I should send you a poem that I put in Lanes scrapbook when he was about that age. It talks about loving them whether they're naughty or good. He is such a cute little stinker.