Monday, June 22, 2015

Baseball in Ellensburg!

Carson and Hazel, buddies, making memories at the baseball games

sweet, hot, tired boy

Friday afternoon we left at 3:45 for Ellensburg - Willem, Hazel, Oren and I - Vance and Merit were already on their way to Liberty Lake. I got slightly lost trying to find the fields. We got to the fields about 5:10. Game started at 6. Oren and Hazel ran and played and made ten new friends. We made the drive back to Moses Lake and got home about ten. The next morning we loaded the car at 8:40 and were on the road again. Great games Sat.! We got home around 8 Saturday night. Oren was full of it. Thank Goodness for Curious George and the Robots movie in the car. Willem thanked me five times for getting him to and from his games. He said " I know this can be hard for you." Sweet kid.
Grandpa Vic, Gramma Kris, Uncle John, Aunt Katie, Fischer, Kendal, Kelcy and Ryan caught half a game on their way out of E'burg Sat. So it was fun to see them.
Sunday morning we got on the road at 8:40. I stopped at Starbucks, oh that latte tasted good. We got to the fields in E'burg at ten only to find out Willem's 11 o'clock game was delayed. SO, Willem's team played at 1:30 and 3:40. They played hard, played well. They lost both but were "in it" the whole time. I set up a pack and play in the shade and Oren napped. Hazel ran and ran and was alseep after being in the car three minutes. I have been TRYING to meet up with my sis Lesha and family since Thur., when they got to Crescent Bar! And last night we had a chance...We drove to Quincy, I grabbed Kai from Lesha and sent Hazel back to Crescent Bar with Lesha.Whew! I had four boys in the house last night and loved it. In 30 min. we load back in the car and spend the day at Crescent Bar with Lesha and family! God gives me a lot of energy. And prayerful, helpful friends. This week's shout out has to go to Maria and Shannon! 

Will at short

focused, ready

And because I love kids and baseball, it hasn't taken me long to really appreciate and invest in this team. 
I have been a huge supporter of Merit's team for a long time, and now we get to add another baseball "family". Feels pretty cool.
Merit's team took FIRST in Liberty Lake! Wow, I hated to miss it, but it has been so fun to hear about!! And Merit has wanted to share every detail, Merit style. This, I love.

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