Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesday Greetings

Vance got back from a 6 day hiking, fishing, Alaskan experience. He totally had fun and the kids and I did lots of fun things while he was gone, but it is great to have him back. He commented on the noise level when he got home. Vacationing with 5 adults on a remote lake in Alaska probably doesn't really have the same "energy" as a house with two rowdy boys and a baby girl who loves the sound of her own voice. I am not saying Vance didn't take this trip with some energetic people, he did. It is just at home there is a different kind of energy. ;)
The kids and I kind of went crazy when he was gone. We loved roasting hot dogs and marshmallows. Willem was especiallly crazy about having a fire out in the fire pit in our picnic area. I tried to get a handle on the weeds in that picnic area, I made a dent.
We also had rootbeer floats several times for a treat - yum. We belted out songs from the top of our lungs. We BBQd with friends, had old friends stop by to visit, enjoyed time with Liz and her kids yesterday. Merit gave the gang golf cart rides. We rented movies, stayed in our pjs all day one day... just really took advantage of the last sweet days of summer break. And now it is sort of back to reality. Vance goes back to work tomorrow and Merit starts second grade. I want to embrace the schedule we will get back into, but the freedom of summer was pretty great.
Merit and I went to his school's Open House tonight. It made me both sad and excited. We will miss him while he is at school! Time goes by so fast. He'll be a second grader! His classroom was so cute and his teacher so sweet! He is going to have a great year.

Hazel was far too busy exploring to even look at the camera.
There was an Autumn crispness in the air today.
I do look forward to fall, but hope we have some days
of summer left.
We look forward to Labor Day weekend! A long weekend for
Vance and Merit.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

vintage, bragging about my sistas, sweet baby girl

so cute... had to share
I love "vintage"
I also love baking in my kitchen.
I talked to my sis Natasha today. She had two different breads rising and was making some things for her baby girl to be. Talk about inspiring. She is a great cook and baker... very crafty too... and gets a lot accomplished. I teased her that later this afternoon she'd probably be slaughtering and plucking a chicken and making her own stock. Seriously, I wouldn't put it past her. And my other sister, Lesha, an artist as well. She is a fabulous painter, she has such a gift of "design" in her home... and where is her clutter???

I bought a new cricut cartridge, with all sorts of fun vintage shapes to cut! FROM MY KITCHEN it's called.
I want to get my hands on it! But I need to get more organized around here before I treat myself to an hour with the cricut.
I was fairly productive today. I feel I am never "caught up" but I did get a lot of cleaning and picking up done. And I got some phone time with two fabulous gals! This was great for my mood.
Also, I want to share my standing little girl!  She is also climbing stairs. These kids have been a ball. Hazel is growing so much!

a potato chip!? Yummm

Friday, August 27, 2010

Sweet Summer Time Happenings

I am scrolling through summer time pictures... man, this has been a good summer.
We've played SO much!
Merit starts school next week. We went last night to the school to find out who his teacher is and
who is in his class. He was SOOO excited! Then we went home and celebrated with rootbeer floats, a Scooby Doo movie and popcorn!
Some of these pics I have posted before... but I just want to share some sweet summer memories.

Willem speaks OFTEN about the fun summer memories with LANE!
Both boys are crazy about him~!
Hazel likes Kelly's arms~
Prayerful, wonderful, fun friends
Kendal and Gramma Kris
hanging out with Wyatt, our neighbor and friend
cousins in Lynden! These guys are a ball!!

Jansen cousins!
uncle Matt
Soccer Camp FUN!
Hazel and Kyrie
Kyrie's mommy has been such a blessing to me this summer.
Happy, smiling, silly girl!
Birch Bay with Lane!
lots of time in the yard!

Willem with his shirt on backwards
Merit, desert bike riding
Me and my honey!

ohhhh and our last boating trip was a highlight! We even caught fish!
Willem was out of his head with excitement.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hazel, your lashes, your profile, your beautiful hair... crazy about you girl!
A summer to remember... for sure. These boys with Hazel Jane has been incredible to watch. Totally
warms my heart.
So we are soaking up this last week of summer break.
Boating today! YAY! The boys and Vance headed out and Hazel and I will join them
in an hour or so.
And maybe mini golf later this week... a couple of hikes... playing with friends... swimming
I'll be back soon...

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Blueberries, Lavendar and a love for these summer days

Merit starts school September 1st. We are soaking up this last bit of August. We had so much fun at the Demo Derby and FAIR this past week. Vance and I went out on a date night to the rodeo too! :) Today it is much cooler than it has been - about 75 degrees. The perfect day for a bike ride, eating blueberries, hanging out in the yard and "harvesting" our lavendar. :)

Willem sharing blueberries with Hazel

Oh and I want to share a little recent photography too
The Alcorns!
This was a fun photo shoot -- Mackenzie and Lincoln are a adorable and their mama Jessica, beautiful

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I like to sometimes try to see the world through Hazel's eyes.
Her wonder and excitement is desirable.
She is so curious about nature.
She smiles genuine smiles, adores her family and is always up for exploring.
At almost ten months, this baby girl is tons of fun.
How big is Hazel? SO BIG
Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where
nature may heal and give strength to the body and soul.
-John Muir

Today I am so thankful for nature, for my family and for being able to observe
Hazel as she takes it all in.