Friday, April 30, 2010

(A More Real) Love Story

Ok, I needed this laugh today! Lacking sleep, cleaning up vomit and tending to a teething baby really made me love it. My friend Kristen will laugh for sure. :)
This stage of my life is sometimes sleepless, but I sure appreciate it.
Marianne, thank you for sending this. :)

Today is my mom's birthday! I can't begin to imagine the celebration in heaven. My mom was THE best pie maker, so I am sure she baked a couple of pies... she is sitting in the presence of Jesus with her sister, her dad, many loved ones, rocking baby Case enjoying the complete peace of heaven... this is what I picture heaven to be like tonight.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday Night

I saw singer/song writer Jill Phillips in concert tonight at my church. I held onto the lyrics of a few of her songs... am even thinking of ordering a CD. She sings about real life things, looking to Jesus and the bonus is she has a beautiful, easy listening voice. It was a good way to spend my evening. Sitting next to my dear friend Lisa Garcia made it even that much better. Lisa is moving soon and I so don't want her to go.
I read my sister Natasha's blog post today and cried. It is so honest and real. SHE is so honest and real. It is also sad. And she is sad, but I see bits of healing within her. That healing is taking place because of her persistent faith.
I have felt a little bit silly or possibly riduculous with my California theme park blog posts.
That part of the trip was fun. It was really wonderful to watch the magic in our kids and Lane's eyes. But it was better still to get time and conversation, in person conversation, with Natasha, Reese and Lane. And I am treasuring our pictures, I love seeing the smiles and remembering the fun.
I fear that if I continue to write tonight it could get pretty pathetic! I am so lacking sleep. Willem got sick in the night last night, about 1 a.m. Changing sheets, mattress pads and pjs and trying to comfort a 4 year old throwing up is quite the task at 1 in the morning. Several times after he was up sick too and Hazel needed her binky about four times last night so I was a zombie today!
Willem was feeling much better by about noon and we had a lazy, good day at home. Merit got home from school in a GREAT mood. His kindness and laughter was contagious! Vance stayed home with the kids while I enjoyed Jill's music at church. This long day is about to end, I am so anxious to crawl into bed. And thankful for life... and my sweet family.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Sharing more of our California Trip

Willem has been in kind of a mood... typically this boy is such a delight. Willem is a much easier to get along with four year old than he was a three year old :) I think he is coming down off of a fast paced, very fun vacation. I am sure a part of him wants to go back! I know I do!
Hazel is rockin the house with her smiles, giggles and sweetness. Vance wonders if she ever tires of people "getting in her face" -- we are often smooching her, cuddling her and trying to get her to giggle.
Merit is doing great in school and had a really good attitude about going back after our California vacation.
We got his report card today and are so proud of him.

California Adventures is so fun!
Merit and Will enjoyed a close look at Mator and McQueen!
Vance and Merit LOVED the big California Screamin' Roller Coaster too!Me, Goofy and Natasha

Our group --------- It was a joy to be able to see the sights with Natasha, Reese and Lane - thanks guys!
Splash Mountain!
Lane and Merit were crazy about this one!

Hazel rode around in the stroller all day and gave us smiles from her comfy seat. This baby girl warms my heart.
Lane, Willem and Merit

Vance and Will - not sure who the little lady on the left is

Sunday, April 25, 2010

What a trip :)


Our trip was good and needed in so many different ways.
It was so nice to spend time with Natasha, Reese and Lane. I loved seeing where they live. Natasha has made their home so inviting. They are so close to a beautiful beach! The sights, the smells, the crashing waves... it was all very beautiful.
I realized once I got down there how badly I needed/wanted a change of scenery. I also quickly realized how important (and fun!) it was to spend some time with my sis and her family.
I'll probably post several different entries regarding our trip.

-time spent with family -- family that is easy to be around, not all family members are easy to be around. I laugh as I type this, because I know this is nothing new to any of you out there
- watching our kids and Lane take in the excitement - the sights and sounds and magic of being in a different place! From the hotel swimming pools and hot tubs to the magic of Disneyland and fun of Legoland it was a joy to watch our children have a BLAST!
- it was good to have a change of pace and to get out of Moses Lake for a while
- seeing Coronado was a treat and I want to see more next time our travels bring us to California - Natasha, Reese and Lane live in a beautiful part of the world
- FOUR is the magical age for a child to visit Disneyland, in my opinion. I am convinced of this. We took Merit when he was four and now to watch Willem at the age of four -- what fun!! Cary, my sister in law, told us this and boy was she right. The other boys loved it too of course, but that sparkle in Willem's eyes and the excitement in his voice was so fun!
-Hazel TOTALLY went with the flow! She was simply along for the ride, giving us smiles and bein' sweet
- getting a day in Lynden at the end of our trip! Our kids loved seeing Rob and Lesha's kids and their grandparents - Papa Stan, Gramma Adie, Grandpa Jim and Great Grandma Alma -- I got time with my siblings - it was good!

Check out Willem and Lane RUNNING to the entrance of Legoland!!

Towns, cities, villages made out of LEGOS -- it was really impressive.
Hazel Jane lovin life from the stroller

Loews Bay Resort
in Coronado -- we spent the first night here
At first, Merit thought Legoland was a little "babyish" - but there was really
nothing baby-ish about this roller coaster. Merit was pretty crazy about the place by the end of the day. Poor Will was crying on this shot! Willem is a dare
devil, but freaked out a little on a few of the rides.
and lots more pictures

Friday, April 16, 2010

Merit, Willem and Hazel Jane

Vance and the boys camped down at the cabin last weekend. Early Sunday morning, Hazel and I went down to greet them. I knew Willem's morning wouldn't start off quite right without Hazel snuggles. He adores her. He is always holding her hand or kissing her hand and he talks "baby talk" to her in a voice I love. The affection for this baby girl from her older brothers has been so sweet. Merit is protective of her, Willem is never far from her. We are blessed.
Each day when Merit comes home from school, we play ball. During March Madness it was basketball. Now we are back to football again, probably Merit's favorite. I love spending time with Merit after school. Willem sometimes plays along or is occasionally "the coach" otherwise he is riding his bike. :) Hazel naps or watches from her stroller :)
I am anxious to see my boys faces when they see their cousin Lane. They are
very excited to see him! And I will enjoy watching these kids at

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Our three...and looking forward to our California trip

Merit... have I already posted this picture? Oh yes I did, but I love it, it's a fave right now.My dutch boy tulip trimmer. He makes me smile!

Hazel Jane loves stroller rides and I love pushing a stroller. Works out great.
We are looking so forward to our California trip.
We look very forward to time spent with Natasha, Reese and Lane!!
Loews Bay Resort in Coronado! It looks like such a neat place to stay. Hopefully Lane will come and swim with us! :) We are excited to stay there and it is super close to Natasha, Reese and Lane's home.
And in Aneheim we are staying at the Aneheim Hilton. It is beautiful! We got it on Priceline -- $60 a night baby!!
The kids look forward to Legoland and Disneyland -- we all do! :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

awwwww the sweetness, little babe in pink

This BABY GIRL is soooo cute in pink.

Friday, April 9, 2010


We are ready for the weekend! Hope yours is wonderful!!
And I think this weekend calls for a little Hazel photo shoot. It has been a week or so :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Thankful for these Blessings

Hazel is a jumping bean and loving every second of it!

Willem is the outdoor kid... chasing butterflies and rock climbing are two of his favorites!
Will and his sweet friend Addi
Merit!! I love this toothless grin! He is reading like CRAZY! He is great at soccer and basketball.
Sweet Hazel and Vance
Uncle Matt visits
Sweetie in pink
Crab Creek
I am smiling as I pull up these pictures and feel thankful for these blessings.
The past couple of days I have felt sort of lonely and have been so aware of some of the
sadness of this world. We will go to Lynden for Vance's aunt Mary's funeral. I feel
sad when I talk to Natasha and hear the longing in her voice for easier days and for that sweet baby Case. But I also feel inspired when I talk with her. Thankful for her FAITH and her strength.
Merit wants to play a quick game of basketball while we still have some daylight.
Hug those close to you and be kind to all... there are so many struggles, but we are
all capable of making someone elses day a bit brighter.