Thursday, March 30, 2017

The sun! The evening sun! Fun on the farm

 Willem was up for exploring at one year of age. Nothing has changed.

We moved the chicks from the rubber maid tote to the small coop. There world feels big, I'll bet

This girl! Moments with her are good for the soul.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Garden Goodness, coffee stops

Starbucks have their spring cups. I am not much of a Starbucks girl anymore (although I do like it!) Jo Jo's Java and Dutch Brothers I love to hit a couple of times a week. 
Today I subbed third grade and loved it. We had some fraction fun in the class. Their math brains working, makes me smile! 

I made lemon cream cheese cupcakes a couple of weeks ago. I am drooling a bit thinking of them. Maybe I will make them again this week. Merit and Willem have been doing a lot of baking too. Merit's speciality, blueberry muffins. 

Hazel comes home from school and each evening is an adventure; playing soccer, gardening, card making, soap making, riding bike, hula hooping, reading... 7 is a very fun age.

Greenhouse Goodness

Saturday, March 25, 2017

March 25

 March 25th, 16 years ago, was a day I will never forget. It robbed me of an innocence. It was the last day I visited with my mom. The beginning of spring, where new life and fresh starts often surround us, but all of that was changed - forever changed - because of what happened that day. Heaven certainly gained an angel. Maybe I take so many pictures because I know every moment matters. I know we aren't promised tomorrow. I don't like to know that, but it has given me an appreciation that maybe some lack. And I think I focus on time well spent, love shared and making the most of each day.
My grandma has lost two daughters. She lost Laurie when Laurie was 16 and my mom at 45. 
She still finds joy and she is an example of dignity and kindess even though she misses her daughters, her husband and many others, very much. Sometimes when we are asked to press forward the journey feels hard and lonely, but Jesus walks with us. My grandma is a wonderful example of God's grace.

 These four siblings of mine are people who I can totally be myself with. They are so fun to be around and to laugh with.
I appreciate them all so much!! I get glimpses of my mom through all of these dear people!
(Natasha was pregnant with Estelle here)
 My mom, far right. Homecoming!

 This card from my mom, the one with the little girl on the swing, is a card I have read so many times. My mom didn't love to write, so when I got a card or letter from her it was so special!
My mom at Target

 All so dear!
My mom and dad on our wedding day!! 

I wish my mom could hug our babies. I wish she had the chance to be a grandma.I wish my sisters still had their mom.  So many grandparents tell me, "this grandparent thing is where it's at" or "You get to spoil them and send them home!" I hope I get to be a grandma some day! But, we press forward and we feel thankful for the memories, for her constant love as we were growing up and for her love for Jesus. The longing doesn't stop, but we find a new normal and we remember every moment matters.

Thursday, March 23, 2017


Lemon essential oil
or just lemon juice from a lemon
lemon peel
and orange peel
Let it sit 30 days
A fantastic, nice smelling, natural cleaner! 
I often move it to a spray bottle

 I am doing shakes for breakfast and lunch Monday - Thursday, this has been a favorite
A favorite from some time ago. I love sunflowers.

 Gathering fun little SPRING goodies for Easter gifts for teachers and friends

 I have a sick chicken. No, it isn't one of these. The one who is ill doesn't want me taking her picture while she is sick. A stuck egg, egg bound is my diagnosis. By the time I get her through this, if I do, I hope I could receive the title of chicken vet or chicken nurse practitioner. And just for the record, I am not afraid to get my hands dirty.

 At Play
 The vintage trailer!
Yesterday I spent an hour or so stamping! Check out these rain boots.

Life is changing a bit...
Our  somewhat quiet winter schedule will change to a much more busy baseball schedule. And we will start traveling again for tournaments.

With change comes challenge and new opportunities. Vance has worked for the same company for 25 years and will move forward, move on.

Oren is at a really challenging stage. His good mood is dreamy, funny, great, terrific. But he tests and pushes. Today I had to leave a store without what I intended to purchase because he was having such a fit. You know that feeling when you are exhausted and it isn't even 9 am?

Merit will travel to Washington DC for spring break! I can hardly believe it! He will learn so much, see so much and have a lot of fun I am sure.

Our greenhouse has starts!! And we will add more today.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Time with Family in Lynden

 Aaron and Matt
 My Uncle Will passed away one month ago, suddenly. His kids and his wife (my aunt Joan) have been on my mind often and in my prayers too. I really wanted to get to see them and visit with them. Lesha opened up her home so we could do this. I am thankful!

Aaron (my first cousin, Joan's son) and Jennifer's girls are darling! They are close in age and there are 4 of them! 

Family is so important.
Near or far, they are on our hearts.
Avenue Bread in Lynden is such a fun lunch spot and their sandwiches were delicious!

More to come...