Wednesday, September 30, 2015

a country hike, good for the soul

A hike with Will is so good for the soul. I don't know who needs them more, Willem, Nellie or me? I LOVE where we live and maybe this appreciation is highlighted every Autumn... it seems that way at least. Fall is certainly my favorite.
I am on a healthy eating kick and am feeling really yucky?? Maybe a headache from cutting out refined sugar? Today this headache is kicking my butt!
I am in awe today of my kids' teachers and the amazing, hard work they do.
I am itching to sub! Just a little! Would love to be at Longview.

Oren and I ran a couple of errands this morning and then came home to watch Curious George and play. He is napping now and I will hit the laundry pile and load the dishwasher. Better get to letter writing too. Something else I am doing weekly and it feels good.  Football is going well for the big boys! Kinder suits Hazel so well.  

Saturday, September 26, 2015

With my camera in hand...

mouth full of marshmallows, both of them reaching for more!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A little update...

This child. All boy. A lot of spunk and heavy on opinions. ;-)
This picture! The other night before Willem's football game the four kids and I stopped at DQ for some dinner to go. I had just finished a girl's senior pics, three locations. Vance was in meetings in Portland. Our night called for an easy dinner. I got one small pop with a kids meal and also ordered waters to go with our other meals. Oren was SO excited about the kids size Sierra Mist. But he had to share it. Hazel wanted a couple of sips and this was Oren's totally frustrated face. This kid has so much expression, so much personality. Grocery shopping with him is a pain in my rump. Being home with him is wonderful. Going to the kids' events is always interesting. He is usually so fun and social and well sometimes, he is not.


This sweet girl got glasses.
Please pray for the adjustment. She does not enjoy wearing them.
My pics are a little dark, wrong mode I guess.

Oren's face on this one cracks me up!! Someone told him no about something!!

Life is busy, fun and full. Oren and the chickens keep me entertained during the day. Yesterday I hosted a small card making party in our loft and loved every minute of it. The evenings are full! I worked at Book Fair BINGO Monday night. Last night both big boys had football practice. Tonight they both have games. Tomorrow night baseball and football. Friday night football practice for Merit... I love it that they love it! And I love running into many friends at all these outings.
I enjoyed a little thrifting with Maria Friday afternoon and great conversation! And last night, their sweet baby boy was born!! Jaron Isaac!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Let's Spread Sunshine

Hazel when she was a baby. Such a sweetheart.

My goal this week is to spread a little sunshine! I'll write more letters, try to spread cheer where I go and do my best to spread sunshine and have patience at home too. I have a dear friend who is due any day to have a baby and another who sent her son off to college today. So many emotions.
Yesterday morning, Oren's diaper was slipping off shortly after he got out of bed. Turned out he had pooped... I was sitting on the floor changing him and cleaning up the mess wearing pajama pants that were my mom's! And I stopped and thought about how many messes she cleaned up wearing those SAME pajama pants. When things begin to "run out" I feel I am grasping. The pictures of her stopped. The memories of her stopped. No new ones have been made for quite a few years now. I think this is why I am such a ridiculous saver, sentimental maybe to a fault. A few clothing items she gave me 20 years ago I still have, because when I wear them I think of her all day. I am thankful that many memories and her kindness never leave us and they impact us now. Today. Every day. I think about how many times she chose joy, how many times she had to make an effort to be extra patient, how busy she was raising five chilren. I feel kind of overwhelmed and incredibly grateful. SHE was a lot of sunshine. 

Saturday, September 12, 2015

A September Weekend Update

Last Monday, less than a week ago, wow, how can that be? We enjoyed one last HURRAH at the water park.
I got teary a couple of times. Letting summer 2015 go has been more difficult than many other summers.

An we were surrounded by friends! The Wests, Jason and Shannon and family, Jamae Bowser... and others! Everyone was TRULY SOAKING UP the last bit of summer.

Hunt and Merit at their little brother's game

We got to these games and Willem does GREAT out on the field! I grab a friend to chat with and watch the game with. Last week, the lovely, sweet Erin Johnson! Merit has buddies to play catch with and watch the game with. Hazel always finds friends to play with. Oren either doesn't want to be there or hits the grass running. Playing with friends and having fun!

And it is the photography season again. Trying to fit that in has been challenging, but good. I won't schedule more than about three photo shoots a month. Merit is playing school ball football. He is also playing fall ball baseball. He and Vance are in Wenatchee right now. Willem is playing Grid Kids. He has a game this morning. Hazel is loving kinder! The stories! She is the most darling kindergartner. And Oren likes hanging with mommy but asks a lot about Hazel.

Last week there were moments when I thought I was going to lose my mind. And there were really sweet, much needed moments. Lisa stopped by one morning with a basket of sweetness! And we talked about life's struggles and joys. And I whispered a prayer of thanks for this dear friend.

Shannon is so good about calming me down when I send her random, venting texts. And she laughs with me, or at me. You know, it really doesn't matter. :)

And Katie A. and I enjoy long phone chats. 9 kids between the two of us and with her living in Royal well, the visits don't happen like both of us would like.

And my sisters and Kelly --- I am blessed.

I am back to letter writing! So much better than texts and emails. I am picking up fun paper and cards at the thrift stores.

This season of my life I am really running and sometimes what I do at home maybe isn't quite enough. But the encouragement of friends is pretty awesome. Thank you Lord.

Oren likes to be held. And carried. He hollers "Mommy weet" (Mommy wait) He does not like to ride in the shopping cart. He likes gardening, naked. Loves playing outside. He is a wild card. He sleeps good. Oren and I are getting lots of bonding time these days. I really love it.