Wednesday, June 21, 2017

These are the Days

Many days are spent at baseball fields
I soak up every moment, because when it is over oh how I will miss it.

 It started to sprinkle.
She grabbed her umbrella.
She really didn't want pictures... because Dora was a favorite when she was little - but not anymore.

 Gathering and putting together flowers for Cole and Lyssa's BIG day!
Hazel loved doing this!


 Oren is calming this top of the pecking order hen so that we could complete a minor procedure.

This poor kitten saw me and Vance trying to clip chicken wings and was suddenly nervous about her foster parents.

Summer weather is HERE and we are loving it.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Father's Day!!

I love this picture! Guys only, new baby Oren, Vance, father of FOUR!

Dads we know and love!! 
From advice, support, encouragement and laughter... it is so good to recognize wonderful dads today.

The home I grew up in on H Street Road
Hazel saw this picture and said "I can't wait to go there again!"

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Moving Forward!

We're blessed.

Smart young people with a bright future.

Yesterday was emotional. I subbed kinder. A group of kids that made me laugh, smile and stretched my patience. Mrs. Hall's class was right next door, so to have Hazel Jane as my neighbor was pretty special. Mrs. Hall is retiring this year. She has taught since 1979. When I see her get teary, I get teary. There was a little retirement party for her in the staff room. She has done a fantastic job teaching SO many children. Merit, Willem and Hazel all had her for their first grade teacher!! We love Mrs. Hall!

Then I raced to get Merit from football. He got home and changed for 8th grade promotion.

Next year we will have a high schooler!
Willem in junior high!
HJ at the elementary school!
And Oren in pre-school!

4 different schedules, 4 different schools, 4 different adventures! 

Sunday, June 11, 2017

A full weekend of BASEBALL

 Live and it and breathe it, baseball.

Thursday, June 8, 2017


I have to wait for Merit to get done with baseball practice a lot. 
I used to sit in my car, frustrated. Thinking of all the things that needed to be done at home, knowing Merit needed to get home to eat, to do homework etc. 
But now, I am making better use of that time. I walk. At least a mile, sometimes 2. I sometimes take Oren and Hazel with me. It makes it a late night for them but once in a while they think it is pretty cool!  They play on a little playground and/ or we walk the track at the high school. 
Willem has joined me on a few occasions, we practice spelling words and talk about his day at school. 

Snuggling these kittens is relaxing. 
Playing with them is a favorite activity of Hazel's! 

This grill master has taught me to slow down sometimes. I will head outside to tend to the kittens, to pull weeds, to put things away in the shop and he begs me to play. And often I play. It is a good thing to do with our time.

 chicken for dinner? Just kidding.


Got to get Merit from tennis to dinner to baseball...