Monday, December 11, 2017

Our weekend

a weekend of good stuff
I took the Badgley's pictures Sat morning and that was a great photo shoot.We did them mostly indoors because it was oh so chilly. The lighting was okay though and the pictures were relaxed and fun. 

We hung out in the shop a lot and Vance cooked on the wood stove out there. I got on the spin bike several times, something I should be doing even more of.
The Chiefs Gold team did fantastic Saturday night at MLHS - a sweet win!! 
Sunday, Hazel and I attended a wonderful show at the church! It was so well done. Excellent acting and beautiful singing with a great message. We enjoyed it so much. 

hula hooping fun! 

Friday, December 8, 2017


Good coaching
Good learning
Hard work

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Basketball and fun!

Our buddy, Hersch #11 - this kid has grown, quickly! And is a good ball player! 

Games, games and more games, Kennewick, Ephrata, Moses Lake and then Ephrata again over the weekend. Our boys played hard. I can hardly believe Merit is playing High School ball!

 This game of basketball!! Such a fun weekend!

I sub kinder tomorrow! YAY! 

Oren was excited for pre-school today.
Hazel had friends over after school Monday - they baked! 
Willem just completed a really cool story for English. 
Merit played out of town last night, he got back to the HS at 10:30 p.m. and then up early this morning. He is tired. He really likes his coach! He feels he is learning with each practice and game. 

Photo shoot later today with a family we know through Merit's sports.

I found 25 very gently used books yesterday! I think I paid $7 for all of them. I kept two, Hazel kept one and the others are gifts for a room full of kinders at Longview.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

I am tired -- I think it is a good kind of tired.

Our house looks pretty festive. This is fun!
Willem thinks our elf, Hans Peter, will be arriving tomorrow~

I forgot to check for eggs today - I hope they will not freeze tonight.

I taught kinder today and it was a FUN class! The things they say! I love it. Hazel joined me for lunch! She ate her cup of noodles, I ate my Healthy Choice and we chatted.

Both big boys had basketball practice tonight. The roads were icy on our way home.

Our dryer is broke again. ugh. We just had it repaired in August --
Tomorrow the repairman will come out! YAY! Easy fix I hope.

And this weekend will be FILLED with basketball! 7 games between Merit and Will.

A few pics from Thanksgiving Day...

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Certainly one of my favorite days of the year

Memories made! Oren was not running away from pictures and we found the perfect tree for the shop! And a slightly bigger, even more perfect tree for the house! 

These 4! What fun! 

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Dreaming of Christmas, the concern of over scheduling, the beauty of a LONG weekend

I am at a tricky place in my adult life, working at not being over scheduled. Merit and Willem have busy schedules. Hazel has one activity per week other than school and that is Awana. I love it that she can go to learn about Jesus on a Tuesday night surrounded by terrific leaders and fun kids. She loves the occasional art opportunity and horseback riding too.  Oren is just along for the ride, he is loving pre-school for which I am so grateful.

Yesterday I picked up $100 worth of Krispy Kreme's at the HS before Merit's practice. This is a basketball fundraiser.What made the most sense was that I would deliver them during his practice except that I want HIM working and delivering. Then I get a text from Missy Lopez saying they would like a box of donuts (a sweet message when I knew we had extra!) So I headed to her house after David's party - I got to hug her and touch base and I drove away thankful for community ----

We had some extra boxes which was perfect because my friend Bethany was throwing a surprise party for her hubby, our friend, David - so the remainder of the donuts were quickly consumed at his party! (Which was wonderful by the way and he was completely surprised!)

And no, I wasn't the only one busy - Merit had a three hour basketball practice, also jobs at home. Willem had a game!

Vance made a big pot of spaghetti and cooked it on the wood stove in the shop last night and we enjoyed the Apple Cup.

Hazel needs to see the audiologist again. Will and I are do for an eye exam. Willem is a straight A student with very little homework so I think it is time we added something to his plate. Is that crazy? He and I think piano lessons may be in order.

I love substitute teaching, but too much of that and I fall a bit behind. I was busy this month preparing for the vintage and craft sale in Royal City. I think I have enough left to do another sale, especially if I work on cards and gift tags here and there but I wonder if that will be too much. Praying over that.

And one of my FAVORITE outings this time of year is going to cut our Chistmas tree! I can hardly wait!! Willem always wears a "Christmas shirt" - I bought one last year for him a size too big hoping he could wear it again this year. I am not sure he can. That kid is growing quickly too.

I am looking through my bins of Christmas stuff considering what will go where.

A long weekend maybe gives us a little time to prioritize. A time to pause and also be thankful. Our Thanksgiving was good. A nice group out at Vance's dads, delicious food with cousin fun too. I missed my siblings in a big way, but it was good to know they were all together! Lesha and Rob hosted.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

I met a girl

My mind keeps going back to a girl.
A girl in a class I subbed in last week.
She said some rude things. She was tattled on, complained about - she seemed to be an instigator. One girl said "all of these things that are being said about 'S' are true. She has been like this since kindergarten." I watched her work and stall. A mad look on her face most of the time. She threw her color sheet, printed on card stock away, the kids said she could not grab another without permission, which she did.
I approached her and asked about throwing the first color sheet away and why she grabbed a second without permission. She was mad because the picture was detailed and she only two or three colored pencils. Many other children had a nice pack of 12 or 24. She looked at me like she was about to yell or cry. I starred into her face and felt sad for her. I felt thankful she has the teacher she has (because I was subbing for a caring teacher and lady), but sad that the girl seemed to have such a weight on her shoulders and such an attitude about her.
I watched her walk home from school the next day.
I reminded myself we don't know about the homes in which they are walking to. We don't know if someone is there when they get home or if no one is there.
From 9-3:30 these children are at a safe school where adults, and some children, care about their needs and their learning.
I felt sad because I hate to see a child with a poor colored pencil collection and little zest for learning, I promised myself two things. 1) I will buy her a pack of colored pencils 2) I will pray for her

I watch these kids and they teach me so much. They teach me as much, or more, than I teach them.