Friday, January 18, 2019

Consigning - the thrill of the hunt

My hunt for the unique, the unusual, the beautiful has become more fun since becoming a vendor at the Favored Farmhouse here on Alder Street in Moses Lake. Many times the items I find need to make it to the Farmhouse quickly or I become a bit "attached"-- a few of these things really caught my eye. 
My hope is to do a little out of town hunting in January or February -- Wenatchee and Ephrata.
These bowls are so cute!
I like to share my fabric with a couple of friends and a couple of teachers... my sis Tasha too

oh and the blanket - I did not part with !
I kept it. 

Thursday, January 17, 2019


I love this mild winter. 
Well, so far it has been pretty mild.
I think the snow is beautiful! I do not like driving in it and we have a 16 year old driver. The mild winter, so far, is nice. You know who else loves it? My chickens.


 oh! How I love these moments!!
This PLAY!

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Grateful for Case William

Remembering this little guy extra throughout this week and saying extra prayers for his parents. 
Case's time on earth was short - but he touched many lives.
We are thankful for Case William.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Baking, Basketball, and the supportive little Brother

 whoopie pies made in the easy bake oven


She likes to do a filling in her cupcakes.
She takes the center out with one of her frosting tips and then puts the filling in.

fun little baking suggestion;
If you are making cupcakes or a cake from a box and want to make it taste better, 
if the recipe calls for 2 or 3 eggs, add 4. Instead of water add WHOLE MILK. 

The little Brother! 
He likes to taste test. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2019


I get to teach second great this afternoon! But for now, it is a morning of tea, time with Oren Paul, Curious George, play and enjoying a warm home while there is a sprinkle of snow on the ground outside.

I like how during January, life slows down a bit.

Sunday, January 6, 2019


While reaching for a sour cream container at the grocery store tonight, a well dressed woman, about 55 was reaching for one too. She kept scanning the area. She said "gosh, I don't really need one this size. I won't be able to eat it all before it goes bad." I noticed a smaller container, closer to me, and pointed it out to her. She thanked me, put it in her cart and said " I am an empty nester now. I can't shop or cook like I used to." Lump in my throat. She looked sad.

Empty nesting days are not days I look forward to.

But if I approach you looking weary or depressed in the years to come. Suggest one of two things.
1) that I should get more chickens
2) that I should attend more basketball games

Both are total mood boosters in my world.

And if I look really bad, I'd take a foster kitten and season tickets to the Zags.

Oh and please know I am thankful. So very thankful that I am buying the large sour cream container and that our home is going through a loaf of bread per day.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Pick a word, be a friend

I like to pick a word for the NEW YEAR.
I really focus on that word. Of course I am better about focusing on it in the first few months of the year - seems that's how new year's resolutions often go - but that word does hold a significance and importance throughout the year.
The most important word has probably been FORGIVE.
That would not be a bad word for 2019 either.

Something I pray for my siblings, my children, my family and my friends is that they have at least one friend where trials, joys, challenges, prayer requests and thanksgivings can be easily expressed. 

I am so glad I have more than one.

I texted a friend this morn about struggles, about two people in our family being sick, about worries and I ended the text asking her what she likes to make with won ton wraps. 
When you can pour your heart out a bit, ask for prayer, reveal the hard but still care about and want a good recipe - that flow of conversation, the hard and the trivial, is a beautiful thing.

I miss basketball. Basketball is a fast paced, exciting distraction. And I love routing for my kids and their peers. But Friday night we are back to games.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! May you have and be THAT friend; the one where recipes and time in jail are shared. The one where you can laugh about a lengthy conversation with a stranger or call to let them know the Halloween or Christmas candy at WalMart is 1/2 off. The friend who wants to help you lose ten pounds (but only if you want to), especially if that means you walk together. The friend who knows you may be at the end of your rope so she somehow helps you extend that rope.

TEN mood boosters for 2019

2)Bring a homeless person warm socks. Don't just drop and go, converse a bit. I learn these things from Willem and Merit.
3)Bless someone with quarters at the Laundry Mat
4)Take a teacher a coffee or a pack of EXPO markers
5)Deliver pet supplies to your local shelter
8)Eat at a mall food court
9)Write a letter
10)Don't let people think your life is perfect. No ones is.

HAPPY 2019!