Thursday, April 5, 2018

Spring Break

I run out to the coop, in the rain (it isn't supposed to rain during spring break). I grab a chick. No "baby stage" goes fast than with a chick. Babies grow quickly, puppies grow quickly, chicks grow incredibly quickly! Cup of coffee, morning snuggles with a chick, camera out...
Oh and THIS morning also included a game of Monopoly - a game that I think Willem and are are four hours into.

This spring break has included SLOW MORNINGS.

One of my best friends has a birthday today, 40! She is a great mom and wife! A terrific friend too! She doesn't judge me. We are open books when we get together over a quick lunch or coffee or meet up at a baseball field. It dawned on me last week that I need these girlfriends in my life SO much, especially with my mom not being here.And my girlfriends ENCOURAGE like my mom would. ----------Happy Birthday Dear Katie!

This week has been funny. More baseball boys in the car on the way to practice, funny conversations. Yesterday the freshman guys had to be at the HS at 1 to get on the bus for their Eastmont game. I grabbed Migs (close by), then headed out to Mae Valley to get Hazel from Grandma Kris' and Kellogg from his place. Merit panics "I left the team bucket of balls at home!" Ahhhhh! Migs calls his mom she runs the balls to the HS, they get there in time. Kids dropped off, baseballs there... I drive home, an hour later realize I have one of the boys game jerseys in the car. Ahhhh! I text Merit. I head to Eastmont (was part of my plan anyway).We get the kid his jersey (protecting his identity here) and then Hazel, Oren and I head to Old Navy to spend our Old Navy cash! These two who rarely fight are argueing and saying "Stop mimicking me!" ahhhhh! Argueing, fighting over sitting in the cart, Hazel would rather choose something from the new "spring rack" than clearance. If you know me, I am a clearance gal. More mimicking. Then Oren says "Hazel, I am sorry I was being mean at you." And again, for just a bit, all is right with the world. They play GREAT at Merit's game. Imagining, cart wheels, exercise, the good stuff.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Thankful for Spring Break

Coloring eggs with Hazel and Spiderman

 so much Paw Patrol love in this house
Lots of running today!
Willem and I started a game of Monopoly that we would love to finish but I am not sure that will happen.
Our weather is a little chilly but we did do some yard work and chicken duties yesterday, a hike too.
It feels good to have this break.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Happy Easter!

 Charlie and Hazel

Precious Life

Charlie has needed some extra special care today.

I took Oren and Hazel to dinner tonight. Watching them at the restaurant reminded me how precious life is.

Easter! Such a Sunday of celebration!

Friday, March 23, 2018

Friday night

Hazel just put together her first ever Lego set! YAY! AND she loved it!

Oren got dad time, time with Miles and time at school while I subbed the past two days. It was fun, the learning - awesome. Second grade is terrific. I enjoyed being in Hazel's class.

Next week I will teach kinder kiddos.

Merit has been trying to get over something for about a week. A double header in Yakima is what his day tomorrow looks like. Praying he feels well tomorrow. 

Willem is doing great in school and officially starts baseball next week. 

Chick therapy!

Carter at short!

 Our freshman team #gochiefs


Drake! The Vela's new pup

Lucky #7 - Merit Henry

The weekend is here!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The March Pass

During March, the month we lost our mom, I let myself really "go back" and remember. I dig through old pictures. Every March, God allows me to remember more about my time with my mom. For this I am grateful.

My mom passed away on March 25th and a few years later, also on March 25th, her father - my Grandpa Ken- was called to heaven. My mom was 45, my grandpa 75 - many of us think those numbers aren't high enough, right? Those lives are too short. But we aren't the writers of the book and we have to accept the plan God has. Or at least it is better when we choose to.  March is certainly a month of missing two very dear people. Both my mom and Grandpa Ken were so easy to talk with. Both forgiving, funny, kind and wonderful.

I have had years of sort of spinning out of control, come March. Like being "stuck" the memories being really good but really hard and me really wishing her back. Knee deep in anything that made me remember her, I sort of got lost in wanting her back. Not wanting to deal with the many things that have to be dealt with - family of six, mom obligations...But the past few years have been more of a healthy remembering and honoring which has been a blessing.

This March - so far anyway- my thoughts take me to my youngest brother Phil often. He is a helpful guy! Being the youngest of 5 and three of those being older sisters, we doted on him, poured his milk till he was 10, we did a lot for him. You wouldn't know it now.

For several years after our mom was gone and once the grandchildren started being born, our family took a fun adventure together! My dad, all five of us kids, spouses and grandkids! Staying in Plain - just outside of Leavenworth -, Crescent Bar, Suncadia... and although we haven't done this in more than 4 years the memories we made will last a lifetime.
Pictured here, Phil dishing up the kids. 
Helpful and fun! 
My mom would LOVE to see the UNCLES Matt and Phil are! 

These weekend get aways were fun, funny, good... 

Oma's lodge - a beautiful place we rented in Plain - right outside of Leavenworth, Tasha is holding Brielle. She is pregnant with Case

For our family, little get aways within driving distance seem to suit us best. 
What I also love is to show our kids that we don't have to spend a lot of money, go too far from home or be elaborate to have a wonderful time with great memories made.

With or without some of those people we love the most - time presses forward. When we find JOY in the JOURNEY - the days are good. But we all need a "pass" to have days of longing and missing too. Let's show grace, to others and ourselves and treasure each day.

Saturday, March 17, 2018


I was a little nervous about the weekend.
I have found a way to help calm those nerves -- these people! (Jenn and Marilyn not pictured). Our birthday group. They pray, they make me laugh, they make me smile, we share each other's burdens, we love each other's kids.
There have been losses and gains, there have been tears and laughter. There have been many memories made. Often times just in each other's kitchens and for me, that is so very perfect.

I approached the weekend with more gratitude in my attitude.
Oh and this mornings Kari Visker texts didn't hurt a bit either! She is loyal and true.
FRIENDS! How I appreciate them!! 

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Chickens, Kids, The Outdoors!

Oh the joy.
A girl and her cat. 
Connie LOVES to go on hikes with us!! 


Our most interesting, most timid, most odd hen.
She is one year old this month and has never laid an egg...
or has she? 
She is a great flyer, sneaky and creative. 
She flies out of the coop each morning and in right before bedtime. 

Hens and Chicks

Hazel Jane