Monday, September 26, 2011

I love fall.

Willem on the golf cart.
I suppose you would call this desert racing.
The boys LOVE it!

Wyatt on his go-cart.

Merit on the motorcycle.

These days are crisp. Fun. Beautiful. Cozy.

Hazel Jane!

We found an apple tree along the side of the road!

Apple picking with Willem and Hazel was a fun
little adventure. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wednesday Night

I am crazy about hanging out with these three kids!!

Little Miss Hazel, I LOVE your blue eyes!

card making fun

fried zucchini, yum!

Survivor is on... gotta run!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tuesday Afternoon

A little motorcycle riding on a Sunday afternoon 
Wyatt and Willem cruising on the golf cart

I love sunflowers!
This one screams anticipation.

The garage sale was a success.
And it was entertaining!
With the money made, the kids got new books from the Scholastic Book Fair and the boys
each get bean bag chairs for their rooms. They are excited. :)

I have lost a lot of blogging enthusiasm lately.
I hope it comes back.
I have had an attitude all day today. There was a shooting this morning just a little ways
down the road from us. Two people are hospitalized, condition unknown. The "shooter guy" (Willem's name for bad guys) is on the loose. I am thankful we are all safe. The whole thing is probably drug related. Our road is closed because of the investigation. I find myself so disgusted about these types of things.
Also, I am reminded to pray for the safety of our family.

My next post will be a little more upbeat I hope!
Maybe something light hearted like a Pear Butter recipe or pictures of handmade cards. ;)
I laugh sometimes because my blog is usually a therapeutic outlet, but sometimes it
contains all the "fluff " in my life when there are also "heavier" things to write about.
Oh well, life would be too serious without the "fluff"!

Till next time...

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Racing Around

(A rocker at the cabin that I will sit down in NEXT week :)
ohhhhhh I am usually pretty good about down time, quiet time, taking time to reflect...
but this week I have been RACING around!  We are getting into the homework routine. These boys are good about it but ugh, I don't like having to push them as hard as I do. I am collecting good books - books for all three kids to enjoy. Merit is involved in a LEAP INTO BOOKS contest and is reading like crazy. I love this. 
We are having our house painted this week.
A fresh coat of paint will be a nice make-over.
Our house is so lived in and comfortable. I am excited for this new color and fresh coat.
Deciding on the color for the house, trim and front door was difficult.
But I think I have made the right decision. ? Vance left it up to me.
Tomorrow and Saturday I am part of a garage sale with a group of great women. I have been
pricing stuff for three days. ugh Today Hazel and I picked up tables and loaded totes and more totes of stuff!  WHY have I accumulated SO MUCH stuff?!
My good friend Kelly is watching Hazel tomorrow morning while
I work at the yard sale (thank you Kelly!) Hopefully we get
lots of customers before I have to go get Willem from kindergarten.
Saturday we will sell, sell, sell again and Merit has a soccer game.
Though this week has been busy, I have sure enjoyed some good visits with
dear friends. Friendships are such a blessing! Whether near or far.

Me and Hazel, lounging on Labor Day

The boys tubing away from Gramma Kris' place.
Merit, Wyatt and Willem
These three are imaginative, spunky and fun.

Next week I promise to do less racing around. :)

Friday, September 9, 2011

My Aunt Jill and Uncle Randy came to visit yesterday. They had been camping in Ellensburg and were just sort of around these parts on an adventure. It was so fun to have them here. I liked having them see what the kids are up to, where we live and to have an opportunity to re-connect. I didn't get a picture of them with the kids, but should have! That would have been something to post HERE.

Merit's first soccer practice was last night and his first game is tonight! ML Ninjas! We are looking forward to a fun soccer season.

Merit got 100% on his pre-test so you know what this means? No spelling test today and no spelling pre tests with me at home last night or this morning. Both boys got their homework done with no complaining this week (oh let's hope it lasts)! I love their teachers and am thankful they like school!

The last time Vance and I went on a date was in May! So, I am working at tracking down a sitter and looking forward to an evening out with my husband. Something to dream about a little.

Hazel and I cleaned the cabin this week. The way the morning sun shines down there is so beautiful this time of year. These crisp mornings that move into HOT days are great.

I am still trying to make cards if I get a spare hour here or there. I just ordered more card making supplies from my sis Natasha and can hardly wait to dig into the new stamp sets and cardstocks. These cards
are fun and sassy!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Oh I LOVE this time of year!!
I love the way the air is crisp and
the lighting is gorgeous.

School is going so well for the boys.
I am SO thankful!!
Willem loves kindergarten, Merit loves 3rd grade! It feels really great.
We are getting back into that school routine.

Monday, September 5, 2011

A quiet weekend = card making

It has been a while since we have had a quiet weekend.
Yesterday the boys and I hit the waterpark and enjoyed the lazy
river ride most, the weather has been gorgeous! Vance and Hazel relaxed at home.
Last night and this morning I got a little time for card making and updated my Etsy shop,
check it out!!

These are so fun! You can PERSONALIZE THEM!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Tea parties, sweet moments, September days

Jocelynne and Hazel enjoying a tea party

I LOVED watching these two play together

 Hazel and I will have lots more time for girl stuff now that the boys are in school. Her smiles brighten my days. Most of today, Saturday, Hazel and I hung out with our neighbor Wyatt and Merit and Willem. She can sure play boy stuff and loves the mud, carrying around a football and golf cart rides when those boys are around! But she can be a girly girl too. Tonight she said a couple of times after Wyatt had gone home "Wy ba bye?" That is what she calls Wyatt, "Wy" -----this girl is a JOY and I love her smiles, sass and sweetness.
The boys are off to a great start at school!
Willem walked into his kindergarten classroom on that first day with a confidence that was such a
blessing to us.
Merit is adjusting so well too! His teacher is fantastic, he has fun stories about soccer at recess and
is enjoying getting to know the kids in his class. They had a test Friday, he said it was so much work but so good. I love hearing about their days!