Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My mom's Birthday

April 30th -- what a wonderful day. The day my dear mom was born! My Grandma Alma tells the sweet story of having her first baby, my mom Karen Ann on April 30th in Seattle, WA. A healthy blue eyed darling girl. Then on May 1st, MAY DAY, baskets were brought to the new mothers in the labor and delivery. My grandma speaks of that unbelievable joy of holding her first baby and thanking God for the miracle of life. My grandma was born to be a mother and she taught my mom so well, my mom's favorite job was raising her kids.
My mom was raised in Lynden, WA and was the oldest of five children. My mom always had a smile on her face and truly called Lynden home, with so many friends and so much family there. My mom raised five children -- I am the oldest. I have two wonderful sisters and two witty brothers!
Our mom's love for Jesus was evident. Her patience and kindness radiated.
If my mom were alive today, she would be 54.
God bless you mom! I can imagine you enjoying the gardens of heaven -- on this special day, your birthday.

Senior Pictures

Jay Bowser
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Senior pics are fun! And it is not too late... email me if you would like to schedule a photo shoot.

Monday, April 27, 2009

out of the mouths of babes

Our six year old Merit is quite excited about this baby on the way. I have to share this sweet story.
When I was about 10 weeks along - before Vance and I had told anyone I was pregant, including our boys - Merit asked me if I could please try to get along with daddy. I felt sad, wondering if Merit felt we had been at odds. I asked him " do you think dad and I have been fighting or argueing?" He answered "No. I just heard when two parents REALLY get along, they sometimes get a baby. " My smile was huge. My heart felt warm. I wanted to tell him right then and there "we WILL GET A BABY!!" But I knew I needed to wait for Vance. So, needless to say, two weeks later when we told him I am expecting, he was THRILLED!
I am due on Merit's Bday - October 14!
Everyone needs a six year old in the house.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Life can get crazy...this morning I just need to take some quiet time to reflect.
The last few days have been busy, but wonderful. Vance and I are plugging away at getting this yard in order. We have had some serious spring clean up! Vance has tackled some big projects and I appreciate his work.
My photography is picking up again -- it is something I do April through November. It is wonderful to get back into it.
We had an extra little one -- two year old Jocelynne here for two days. She was a JOY and a blessing and I loved the way our boys welcomed her into our home. Her soft, gentle spirit was such a gift. I put myself in total "kid mode" Thursday afternoon and I think my boys and our little house guest appreciated this.
Yesterday afternoon we had some cousins from Benton City visit. It felt good to connect with family.
Last night Vance and I had a date -- We ate at Basalts in Ephrata and then went to a play in Soap Lake at the inviting little theatre there. We saw On Golden Pond and it was so well done.

This morning we are having some pipe issues under our kitchen sink. Vance is trying to address that now.

I am reminded daily that GOD is so good and there is so much beauty, life and blessings that surround me.
Our boys are healthy and full of energy. Although I want to collapse on the couch many evenings at 7:30, I do love this energy!
I am blessed by FRIENDS! And my dear friends children.
I am so grateful for this NEW LIFE growing inside of me!
Today I need to slow down a bit and appreciate the beauty and goodness that surrounds me.
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Friday, April 24, 2009


A beautiful pregnant mother and her two darling boys. Autumn, thank you for allowing me to capture this miracle with you.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I am LOVING spring~! The colors, blooms, blossoms, time outside with the boys! Allow me to share a little spring from our yard!!


My friend Tami has a give away going on at A Girls Gotta Nest -- check out this beautiful canister!

It is also time to announce the winner for my mini give away -- CONGRATS APRIL!!

I will send you the two cards I posted plus an additional little spring beauty!

Please email me your snail mail address. :)

Vance bought me a new computer for my birthday YAY!! I am having fun! But am learning -- even my blog layout and posts are different... this is sort of a trial run.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Thinkin' Thriftin'... plus a little give away!

These two cards made with love (and some fabulous Close to My Heart supplies) are to be given away to some lucky blogger! Just leave a comment on this post. I will draw Tuesday.

It felt like time, once again, to have a little thrift store fun! This chair was purchased at Goodwill on Monday for just $1.99. A can of red spray paint, $3.00. The fabric to makeover the seat cushion $2. I had some fun with this little makeover and it will be a great addition to my deck or front porch!

I love daffodils!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!

Some soccer pics. Merit was on the "green team" - the Earthquakes.

His team! His coach was Kelly Wemp and she was great!

Serious Merit... we don't see the serious side of Merit that often, but when he is out on the soccer field, he means business! Vance and I so enjoyed watching him play!

Merit's buddy Crosby

Yay Merit!

There hasn't been a lot of spare time for card making, but I am sure to grab the opportunity when I can! One of these three sets will be a give away later this week!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring, raising a puppy, loving life

Spring! I am typically more of an Autumn girl... but after a winter with more dark days than usual I am very ready for spring. I am loving kite flying, blooming daffodils, walks with Willem in the stroller, bike rides, soccer games... it is wonderful.
Merit has had a fabulous soccer season. His determination and skill on the field makes us very proud! I will post some soccer pics this weekend.
I had the opportunity to take Merit's teams soccer pictures, along with one other team. I LOVE photography and I appreciate different chances to practice and improve.
Our adorable, pain in the neck puppy, Betty brings us much joy and on some days even more frustration. :) She is my shadow. She wants to be where I am. When I walk with her, I so appreciate her company. She also has done a couple of things to make me crazy. Last week, she got into the soccer pictures I took. She chewed and ate most of the soccer pictures. I hesitate even sharing this story because I felt so stupid for leaving them in a place where she could get to them! I was soo frustrated when I had discovered what she had done. Yesterday, I had them reprinted. The very cool thing is that Ahmann's (soon to be J Keele photography) re-printed them all for me at NO CHARGE!!! I love this business. They do GREAT work, they are professional and they are generous too... they said "it isn't your fault Betty ate the pictures" Well certainly it isn't their fault either! What a kind act.

Me and Betty, yes I still love her

PS This pregnancy is wonderful. Other than not having much of an appetite, I feel SO GOOD!! Fruit smoothies, jet teas, bran muffins and icecream sound good -- meat sounds awful. Cooking it makes me want to gag. But I feel so blessed to be assisting God in this miracle!! I am grateful.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Photography Fun

Meet Ev -- I so enjoyed taking some fun pictures of this beautiful little girl on Friday!

Ev and her wonderful mom, Faith

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Autumn, Malachi and Ethan

Autumn's belly is growing and beautiful. Malachi and Ethan anticipate being big brothers to a baby girl. Having them here made me that much more excited for our addition. :)

My dear friend Lissa had a BABY GIRL on March 31st!! Greta T. is her name-- Lissa has emailed several pictures and Greta is BEAUTIFUL! This is Lissa and Trav's 3rd girl! I am excited to meet this darling baby girl!
I spent yesterday with my sister in law Katie who will have a baby girl the end of this month.
Kris, Katie and I went to a baby shower for Katie in Royal City while Vance, our boys' grandpa, Vic, Vance's brother John, our two boys and John and Katie's son Fischer hung out at Grandpa Vic's. They had a fun "guys day!" That evening Katie, Kris and I joined the gang for a prime rib dinner at Vic's.
Today the weather is beautiful! I just got home from church and now we will play and work in the yard. Enjoy your Sunday... and your week... more soon.