Thursday, June 11, 2015

Adopted sweeties

Farmer Vance

Willem preparing the coop for our new ladies.

We are blessed.
My friend Nicole and her family are in the process of selling their country home where they raise chickens. They hope to move to town. They were looking for a home for their chickens! We have fenced the coop, covered the coop and have taken all the measures we can to keep these girls safe. When we do let the chickens out, we stand guard. I think we can protect them from the neighbor dogs. Soooo, we adopted 4 sweet chickens! Nicole stopped me at the water park yesterday and said " I heard about your chickens. We want to give you some of ours." wow, I am thankful! Last night we picked them up - me and my farm hand, Willem. Have I mentioned Merit doesn't touch chickens? 

This little girl is as sweet as sweet can be. Hazel is very sweet too. ;-)

So, they joined our three last night and I think we will have one big happy coop. 
Have I mentioned I love raising chickens?

 And some day we will have a barn and baby lambs. Maybe a horse? Maybe a cat? Farm girl dreamin'


Natasha said...

Just showing my kids your chicken pictures and saw this post! They can't wait to come to the chicken farm this summer!!

Tami said...

A pony, some goats, oh my! I love your pictures of the kids and the farm.

Leah Roy said...

I love this! Chuckled a little when I read that Merit doesn't touch the chickens. If you aren't having more babies, why not more chickens?! Enjoy the eggs too!