Wednesday, May 31, 2017

More from the weekend...

Kayaking is SO relaxing! We introduced Brenda to kayaking Crab Creek over the weekend.

I keep weeding. Those weeds LOVE to grow! Some day maybe raised beds in here. But for now, my hands in the dirt, piles of weeds, plants growing ... it's good. oh, and the occasional help from one of the kids...

Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day

Feeling very thankful for our soldiers today.
Remember someone who lost their life fighting for our freedom.
HOME of the FREE

 I have the most radish eating kids! Time to plant a second and third row!

Willem played two days in the HEAT in Spokane! 
Two games Sat., two games Sun. His home run was our high light!
Lots of hard work catching
4 losses 
Man, character is being built.

Matt and Brenda's visit was fun!
I was having a tought time not tackling projects and laundry this Memorial day weekend. I am pretty behind.
But being outside watching baseball in Spokane and spending time with this group was pretty great.

 The boys built this today.
Then Willem went in the creek with my camera to get a picture.

Sunday, May 28, 2017


Memorial Day Weekend.
A good weekend to reflect and remember.
Our weather is gorgeous. And we have been outside a lot, enjoying it.
Some rough moments...
We are down three chickens. See what happens when I poke fun of them on my blog! We start losing them. Bum deal.
I am kind of gasping for air. Willem has fifth grade blues a bit. Merit had them too. I can pull some good out of this. Willem is a good student with high marks. He is a little bored. He is ready for the faster pace and change of junior high. Merit went through this too.
Also, sitting in a classroom on a gorgeous 80 degree day is not the easiest. Willem dreams of slip and slides, pools, boating, kayaking and even weeding if he can be sprayed by the hose.
Willem's allergies have been kicking his butt.

 Yesterday he had a good day though! Two great games!!

Willem did a great job catching.
Also, he hit a HOME RUN! I was teary under my sunglasses!

two of my favs, Cam and Druw --- love these guys
Bubbles, baseball, smiles and sun - what more could you want?

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Crawdads, chickens, spring blooms, family, life

The babies aren't so babyish anymore. 

So, we have 7 chickens (all who probably should be laying) and two chicks. 
We get three eggs a day. Embarrassing yes, I know. I have free loading chickens who love to be photographed. They get meal worms almost daily and are fed some leftovers. 
They free range, a lot and I step in their poop sometimes.
Chicken farming is far from glorious! :-)!

Got a couple of kindergarten jobs lined up!
The school year is coming to a close quickly. It has been a good year of hard work and learning.