Tuesday, April 24, 2012

enjoying the 80s

This weather has been so beautiful! We are soaking it up! Saturday afternoon
I had a photo shoot at the Japanese Gardens. The weather was so nice. I will post
pictures on my photography blog soon. We also worked in the yard a bunch on Saturday.
Vance got a lot done. It was so good to be outside. The kids ran through the sprinkler, Nellie
got lots of exercise! Spring is here.
Sunday, Merit had a 3 hour baseball practice. They did it first thing in the morning because by afternoon the temp had hit mid 80s. Baseball is taking up a lot of his time, but he really seems to enjoy it. He is learning a lot and improving his skill. He is meeting lots of new kids too which is fun.

Yesterday, Willem, Hazel and I met our dear friends Katie, Maddie and Sam at the park.
It was 86 degrees!


Hazel hot, sweaty and havin' fun!

Maddie and Hazel



Then we headed over to the other side of McCosh park. Hazel
was tired, but we were having so much fun in the sun we just wanted a few
more minutes of play and our friends Liz and Mitchell were there!

As the kids had a really fun time playing, I got to catch up with two fabulous friends and just soak up the day.

We then headed home to greet Merit as he got off of the bus. I made dinner, then the kids and I headed to soccer for Merit! All the boys ran and played, shirts off, having a blast. After soccer, baseball. Whew! No wonder I was ready to collapse at 9 p.m. last night. What I find to be so encouraging and fun though is that we love this. Willem and Hazel meet new friends, do lots of exploring, get a lot of exercise... Merit seems to love being a part of a team and he is good about making time for his reading and homework too. No time for TV or the Wii lately, but that is okay! Sure some days it gets to be a bit much and the laundry pile gets high, but it has been good fun.
Vance helps a lot with Merit's baseball teams and it is fun to watch them out on the field.

Willem and Mitch

 The Japanese Gardens! I am excited for summer days, packing a sack lunch and heading to the Japanese Gardens, a park, the Aquatic Center or enjoying our yard!

Today is another FULL day!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spring, Stanley, a love for books

oh the sweet signs of spring!!
I won't share our flower beds covered with tumble weeds!
I hope Willem, Hazel and I can do some raking and cleaning up this afternoon.

Yesterday afternoon a few of us PTA members set up for the Scholastic Book Fair.
The spring book fair is Buy 1 Get 1 Free, so this is a hit. Lots of books! Lots of students excited about books! I was drooling over some of the books. There are several great recipe and cook books for sale this time around too. I noticed that Flat Stanley is for sale. I think this will be one of the books we purchase because we have had a fun time getting to know Flat Stanley over the past six months.

Emma Willemsen who is one day younger than Merit (and her mom is one day younger than me!) sent us Flat Stanley at the beginning of the school year. We were to take him on a few adventures and share our life in Moses Lake with him.

Stanley flew to North Dakota in the fall.
This is our good buddy Jeff, also a pilot, showing Stanley a good time.
Stanley loved hunting.
It was truly a guys trip.

Stanley had a few scary experiences in North Dakota.

(Don't worry, this one won't be sent to Emma's third grade class)

Stanley learned to drive the golf cart when he was here. Riding
with him is a bit frightening, but it sure is exciting.

Merit and Stanley

Stanley loves the view from one of our trees in the front yard.

Have you or your kids read Flat Stanley?
Do you have any book suggestions for our family?

It is so much fun to make reading exciting and enjoyable!
Emma, if you happen to read this, thanks for sending Stanley!!
We are sending him back to you with some pictures on Monday.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Jansen Family Catch Up

This past week has been one of the busiest. I think the next month or two may be like that. Soccer, baseball, PTA stuff, the Scholastic Book Fair, end of the year field trips and so on.  The boys' Spring Concert was last Friday. They did a great job! Hazel was a little lady sitting in the audience. In the past she has gotten restless, but this time she did great!

Merit is playing baseball and soccer. His schedule is very busy. He is keeping his grades up though. The boys got their report cards yesterday and we are proud of their high marks.

Willem has lost two teeth now! He is so excited about this! He has been waiting a long time (in his mind) to lose his baby teeth. He was so excited to see what the tooth fairy brought him. We had a conference with Will's teacher yesterday. She had lots of good things to say about him. I am so thankful that he is studious and a very kind, helpful person! He his ready for first grade.

Hazel loves being outdoors. She loves golfcart rides, going down to the cabin, blowing bubbles, playing with Nellie... She also enjoys going to different parks and ball fields around town.

I took on a position with PTA. Our boys' school needs involved parents. It feels good to be involved. I want to make a difference and help support their education.

My photography is picking up again. These spring blossoms and beautiful days encourage people to book family photo shoots! I have four booked for this month and then I think I will wait and schedule some for May. I have to remember not to over schedule. I love down time too.

Vance enjoyed a fishing trip to the Ketchikan cabin. He said the weather was beautiful. It is such a good place to relax. He had fun.  He is helping with Merit's baseball team too which is really cool.

One of my favorite recent pictures

Willem looks out for Hazel in an incredible way.
He is so good to her.
I love watching this.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Willem and Hazel playing with friends at the soccer fields
I am so thankful Willem and Hazel have lots of fun playing at
Merit's games and practices.


I am so thankful for where we live. The wide open spaces and beauty is so wonderful.

Merit and his soccer team acting goofy!
This is such a great group of kids! And Merit's coach
is incredible!

It feels good to get outside and plant a few things in pots.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Feeling so blessed

This spring break has been wonderful.
I think, quite possibly, the best yet.

Nellie why oh why do you like to poop and pee in the house
and garage when we give you 30 opportunities a day to go outside?!

But that unconditional, I'll follow you anywhere love a dog gives is pretty incredible.

I love the imagination.

The beauty in nature has been so wonderful this week.
And watching the kids enjoy it is so fantastic.

Willem, Merit and I painted at Art Garden Pottery this week! SO fun!!

We had some fun playing Connect 4 yesterday!
Also yesterday we went to see Dr. Seuss the Lorax!
It was really good, I especially liked the end.

I have listened to this song a few times this morning. It is so beautiful.
It is so important to remember what Easter really means.
Jesus paid it all.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cheers to spring break!

This spring break has already been fantastic.
These three are making me smile from ear to ear!!

Today we had such a good lazy day at home.
Looking forward to more down time this week and maybe a trip to the
movie theater.
I am feeling very blessed.