Sunday, May 24, 2015

A little Sunday evening update

These two.
Buddies but rivals! 
Oh it has been fun to watch these two grow! And this season we got to watch them play ball against each other. Two awesome, responsible boys!
Merit and Jace Allred

Her spirit.
Oh how I love her!

Last weekend in Chelan was wonderful! 
The weather was terrific! Our boys did great! They played in the championship and took second. On Saturday night we left the dads back at the camp with the kids and some of us moms went out for dinner and drinks and just had FUN! This group is so fun.

This child goes to baseball games about 4 nights a week and most weekends. 
I would say he just goes with the flow, but that wouldn't be entirely true. 
Mr. Hot and Cold can love it one evening and hate it the next. 
That is where Morgan :), graham crackers, the ice cream truck and mommy snuggles come in! 
Oren Paul has a lot of spunk.
God knew what he was doing when he gave us this "bonus baby." Oren is keeping his parents "young."

Our guys last weekend in Chelan

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Happy Birthday Oren Paul!

oooohhhh how we love this boy!!!

Oren at 8 1/2 months

Oren loves:
playing outside
popsicles and ice pops
frozen yogurt
throwing rocks
his brothers
being in his moms arms
playing in the shop with daddy
Morgan cuddles
fun times with Julia
Our baseball friends

Happy 2nd Birthday Oren! 
Praying for God's blessings for you in the coming year!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

It's me again

We are making sprinkle bars right now. Brings back childhood memories. 

Last week Maria stopped by for a bit. Emily and Hazel got a bit of time to play together and I was able to share some things from my garden with Maria.

Last week, Willem had a Charolette's Web project due. 
We worked on it in the shop. He gathered lots of sticks to hot glue to the outside of the barn (large shoe box). We made a fence out of sticks too. We cut out a little window and made curtains from scrap fabric. We gathered some chicken bedding for Wilbur and the gang and really enjoyed working on this together. We waited till nearly the last minute to complete this. My oh my. I realized after 8 p.m. that we were going to run out of hot glue sticks so I headed to the store for more! 

Sometimes I wish I was more prepared. I am a random romantic.

The next day Hazel, Oren and I were getting groceries and Hazel asks me "Why is Oren wearing a Christmas shirt?" What? A Christmas shirt? I look over at him. It was more of a "wintry shirt" in my defense. oh boy. And I imagine I had dressed him before I had my coffee.

Vance had meetings in Seattle for a couple of days and I went crazy on my thrift store upcycles. Speaking of upcycling junk fun finds - my sister Lesha is awesome at this! She has an etsy shop and sells some of the cutest things! 
I painted this table summer squash yellow. I love the color. It was an ugly brown before.

Raising chickens is so much fun.

Life is good, busy, sweet, messy, beautiful ---- 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

fun on "the farm"

These pictures make me smile

Will loves driving Vance's new tractor.

Having fun in sister's room! 

We had two baseball games tonight. Willem played at 6:00 and Merit played at 7:30, under the lights. 
It was fun and the teams played great! I got to sit with Katie A. at Merit's game. Nice evening, baseball under the lights, conversing with a dear friend... sweetness.

Tomorrow I will tackle my craft room and laundry room yet again. I bought some fun thrift store jars with lids and hope to paint the lids tomorrow. One big boy has baseball tomorrow night, the other one has the night off. 

Monday, May 11, 2015

Monday Evening Update

Adventures and hikes with these two are good for the soul! 

Mother's Day was nice and the weather was beautiful so we spent most of the day outside. I loved that! 

Planting our garden was fun. Vance took out two old raised beds that were falling apart and put in one square raised bed. In addition to that we planted pole beans and lots of things in a big garden area.
Today Hazel and I spent more time out there while Oren napped. She loves planting! And I love watching her and working with her.

Willem is in a reading contest! So we better get to our bedtime reading! 

I found myself thinking of my sisters so much yesterday. 
My grandma Alma too... my mother in laws and of course my mom. Lesha has the grocery list our mom wrote the day she passed away. Seeing her script on that grocery list is so special. She posted a darling picture of her and my mom along with the grocery list on facebook. 
Hazel and Willem made me darling gifts at school!! 
And Merit was so sweet! He offered to do a lot of chores. 
Oren was fussy Saturday but so much happier yesterday so that was great. He is at such a curious, fun, tough age. Grocery shopping with him is an adventure.
These children are so fun! I am so thankful! 

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

A day in the life...
We started out our morning with coffee, a yummy breakfast that Vance made and 
Hazel and I played princesses for a bit...

This boy is so darling, so curious and so full of personality.
He has been yelling a lot, however. 
And having some fits.
And wearing his mommy out. 
But there are lots of sweet moments too. 

A little tea party, Hazel set this up

Oren and the stuffed animals finish up the tea party.

A tree in our yard

I met Maria at a Vintage Market at the fairgrounds! So fun! Inspiring too. Time with Maria is always good and we saw a lot of cute stuff. I bought a few things. I got a smoothie from the Smoothery too! Carly was there with the smoothie truck making delicious blends!

Our chickens are growing! 

This afternoon I hid treasure hunt clues and after dinner these three went on their hunt! 

I love spring evenings and the sunset was so pretty! 

I LOVE being a mom! It is such a wonderful, important, enjoyable job! It is also so much work and can be hard. Looking to God and enjoying all of the little moments are two ways I get through the days - and not just get through, but enjoy. I also have some AMAZING sisters and girlfriends who ENCOURAGE.  I miss my mom so much. I keep thinking of her today. Little memories, sweet memories. I am so thankful for her example and her dedication. Vance and I are both so blessed to have been raised by such dedicated moms. And today I am thankful for my grandmas! Both here and in heaven. I have so many wonderful grandma memories. 
I am thankful for my mother in laws too. And for dear friends who are great examples of selfless, forgiving, patient moms. I am excited for tomorrow and to just BE with my FAMILY.

HAPPY MOTHER's DAY to all of you MOMS out there!