Tuesday, June 16, 2015

These are the days

Our 12 year old Jansen #7!

Our 9 year old Jansen #7

An hour or two before sunset we let the chickens out. Oren rides his horse, the kids play, Vance and I work outside a bit or sit together. We watch the sunset. The chickens love this time of evening and we do too.

And next time I will post some pics of our sweet Hazel Jane.

Today we found a kitty on the side of the road. A four week old adorable, dehydrated, sweet kitten!! We took her to the vet, had her checked out. Oren fell in love with her immediately! Wow. I couldn't believe how much he loved cuddling that cat! Merit prayed for the cat in the car. We took it to the park for a bit and a woman with a mama cat and four week old kittens at home wanted to adopt her! The mama cat is such a good mom and so gentle. One of her four kittens died so the lady thought the mama cat would accept the cute orange kitten we found. And she has! I have been texting with this sweet woman today. --- I would have loved to keep that kitten! But there will be another time...

BASEBALL, kittens, chickens, thrifting, swimming, trying to keep things organized, trying to find just a bit of time to relax... thank you God for summer!

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Katie Allred said...

What a fun update! I love your photos and especially your sweet words filled with so much gratitude and joy! You are a blessing my friend. Love and miss you!