Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Baseball in Spokane was beautiful! Perfect weather. Great ball playing!

The days are flying by. 
The responsibilities are great. For kids and for parents. 
I sometimes wish for a bit more down time, but mostly the days are full in a positive way. 
The memories we make, good friends, and PRAYER get us through! 

An orthodontic appt for Merit today. Willem has a football game, a night game! Hazel and Willem have color wars at school today. It is spirit week. Hazel will wear orange. I think we are going to make her hair orange too and Willem's color is blue. Oren is ready for pushing trucks, being silly and hanging with mom.

I watched a mother and her adult daughter Saturday spending a relaxed weekend day together...although happy for them, I got this heartsick, homesick feeling. It happens sometime. Kind of like my stomach hurts and I miss my mom so much. We can't really anticipate the days or times when this may come on. 

My sister Lesha told me about waiting on a couple at Fairway Cafe a month or two ago. The husband wife were friends of my parents years ago. She probably had not seen Lesha in the past 20 years. She discovered who Lesha was and made the connection who our mom was. The lady just started crying. Lesha told me that was a day that Lesha was doing just fine waiting on customers, enjoying her job (I love that she does!) but this woman became emotional, thinking of her friend who had died and then seeing her friends daughter. 

Yesterday my friends Maria and Shannon and I were texting about some big stuff then little stuff. Funny stuff then heavy stuff. It made me think that this is the odd, sometimes challenging, balance we have to be okay with. Each day has big concerns, sometimes hurts too but there is so much good to be seen and enjoyed also. Raising these kids is hard! And great! And although sometimes we may be pushed to our limits or spread a bit thin, there is a lot of JOY in this day to day stuff! And there is a lot of community in good friends. Between my girlfriends, sports friends, the parents I connect with through the kids school, it is a great sense of support.

These kids are creative outside! Building trails, making up games...


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