Tuesday, October 11, 2016

good times, enjoying the month of October...

October is my FAVORITE!
Speaking of favorites, here are a couple more.
These boys are growing fast! This is a fun school year so far!

Hasn't been into the pics lately...

I like Oren's pose here. 

LOTS of outdoor exploring really feels good. 
It is supposed to get COLD here tonight! 20 degrees! Trying to find places for my succulents indoors, I have so many this year! Many are starts from plants that really took off. 

I subbed yesterday, kinder. Teaching is so wonderful. So, so wonderful. I come home with stories about these little people and their learning and their laughter. Vance pointed out that every time I sub I come home with "I just love..." stories. I do just love it! And two little boys gave me a RUN for my money! Thursday I get to be a 1st grade teacher. I am crazy busy and I think I love it and if being busy means hanging with kids, my weeks are good.

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