Thursday, October 27, 2016

football, chicken love, Senior Center, the good stuff

What a season! 
It was fun to watch these boys play! They are competitors!

It will be onto high school football for these boys! 

Chicken beauty
Chicken love

There is something about walking into the coop at night. When they are all ready for sleep. I could tell long winded stories and they would listen. Just like Shannon and Natasha did today. -- These hens get a girl party every night. 

An older gentleman, maybe 80, followed Oren and I around the Senior Center Thrift Store a couple of weeks ago. Oren had me wearing a hard hat, he was also wearing one. We were in the toy aisle. Oren began talking in a deep voice, pretending, not knowing the older man was watching him. The man, all the while, wearing a big smile. Oren did not know this man was watching him or the pretending would have stopped and he would have maybe buried his head in my leg. The Senior Center Thrift Store is a good place to go for children's books, kindness, and short visits with older people. A main morning checker reminds me of my Grandma Alma. She is always fashionable, always smiling and is left handed like my grandma. 

Every afternoon and evening when we are running around, or kids are hollering "Mom" over top of one another,  I think of sitting down with a good book and reading. About two nights a week this actually happens. I am hoping this might be one of those nights. 

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