Thursday, October 6, 2016

New camera, new fun

Vance "Can you tell a difference between your new camera compared to your old one?"

My answer "yes"

Vance bought me a new camera in Spokane yesterday! I have had my current, well now previous, camera almost seven years. I would guess I have taken 80,000 pics on that camera. It has been great! A Canon, this one is also a Canon. 
Last night I think I probably took 150 pictures. When he handed me the camera I went right out to the chickens. I think I scare my husband sometimes.
But then I found this cute little 3 year old who actually WANTED to pose! 

He's dabbing here.

 The smile started to get cheesy. Gosh, those are the best.
Side note about Oren. We brush his teeth every night and he still fights it, every night. I mentioned this at the dentist. They said "well, if you brush them every night, he will get used to it and will not fight you." Evidently they don't know Oren aside from the 6 month dental visit.

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