Thursday, October 20, 2016

Farm Day, Country Living...

Farm Day was a hit!! 
And it brought back a lot of memories. 
Merit went as a first grader, Willem went as a first grader, now Hazel! They have all had Mrs. Hall for first grade! Each year I joined their class! Hazel may be our child who enjoyed it the the most. What Willem remembers about it is that he got free potato chips. 

The high school FFA students do a terrific job putting this on. The presentations were informative and interesting. 

Hazel told us she would really like a bunny for her birthday. Her birthday is tomorrow. 
We aren't up for being bunny owners... yet. Truth be told I would have probably given in, but Vance's comment regarding the request was "children don't always get what they want."


This picture makes me laugh. The way Oren is telling the story reminds me of maybe my dad or brother Matt! ---------- These three boys love the outdoors! Chickens, kitties, dirt, playing!!

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