Wednesday, March 9, 2016

These days...

 Pickin' rocks, working, enjoying nice days!

 My baby chick posts and gardening posts are going to be WILD. I can't help myself! I think we are getting our chicks Thursday. 2 Americaunas on I am excited!

Imagination! YES! All four of our kids have been so imaginative and inquisitive.

I love herbs! I have a couple growing in pots and am excited to have more this spring/summer!

Yesterday I subbed in Willem's classroom, oh I loved every minute of it!

My brain and heart do this interesting thing in March - God allows my brain and heart to do this - a flood of memories hit me regarding my mom! She passed away on March 25. I think my brain and heart is guarded a bit other months. ? And in March it is different. Sometimes I think of things I have not thought of in five, maybe even ten years! These memories are a gift. More on that later...

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