Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Not your average Wednesday

Oh my lands. Today has been something. A lock down this morning at all of the Moses Lake schools. I appreciate this for our kids and I hate this for our kids. The school district and police department are taking every precaution, this I appreciate. But these disturbed people threatening schools and kids. ugh.
The man was located and arrested near Soap Lake. Kids are safe. Thank you God.

A young man insists on helping me unload my cart today at WalMart. He is clean, well spoken, seems kind although after talking with him a while I think he might be high. He HANDS me my wallet and keys out of the cart. hmmm He sees that I am buying kid friendly items and talks warmly about children. He then tells me he would like to show me pictures of his nieces and nephews on his phone. The first picture he shows me is him in a hospital gown in a hospital bed. I look at him confused. He says that was him yesterday. He tried to commit suicide. I ask him if he is okay, ask him if he has help. His debit card had been declined minutes earlier... he then insists on moving over to the carousel to help me load the bags into my cart. I was concerned he may follow me out to the parking lot, he didn't. He just seemed like a hurting young guy. Sad.

Then I go get gas and an odd man is offering people help with their gas or cleaning their windows, hoping for cash I am sure.

I think I need to curl up in a blanket and watch old episodes of  Little House on the Prairie or the Mary Tyler Moore show. Seriously though, times are tough and raising kids in this city is tough too. What I do love is the community we have here. And there are lots of great people, parents who want for their kids what I want for my kids.

I pulled up to the school this morning and concerned adults were directing children. Our principal is amazing. I called Hazel's teacher and talked about the events of the morning. She has become such a friend.

So we press forward, say a ton of prayers, and look to God for wisdom.

Okay, onto the "fluff"

The lighting was gorgeous last night! H and O hid out from the rain in the playhouse greenhouse! 
Hazel is wearing my shoes, Oren is wearing no shoes. We really don't sweat the small stuff 'round here.

I am giggling. I keep reading articles about how you shouldn't let your chickens associate treats with you, but instead with a place. I am tired of poop in the yard and on the sidewalk so I should feed them their treats in the field. This is the thing people, they like me. They want to be around me, treats or no treats. And for today. I am grateful! 

Bought a few fun gifts this morning for spring baskets and gifts to mail!
Some of you may recognize the cutely decorated brown paper bag? 
Sue's Shadow Box here in town! I love that small business.

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