Friday, March 11, 2016


ooohhhh we got two sweeties! 
The brown one is DARING! (Rhode Island Red)
The yellow one is very laid back. (Leghorn)
Dar and Alice would be my choices for names... we will see

Merit does not like to hold them and either does Oren. Willem and Hazel would sleep with them if they could. Hazel places them in doll beds and baskets. Will makes obstacle courses for them. It is so much fun! Chicks grow SO fast! So we will be soaking them up every second. 

Remember how I had written that we were holding out for Ameraucanas? Well, we got to North 40, Will and Haze were out of their heads with excitement and the Ameraucanas didn't come in. :-( So, we got these two! And hopefully next week we will get an Ameraucana.

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