Friday, March 4, 2016

Dust baths, chicken poop, spring fever, Oren Paul

We are working on fencing in the garden in an effort to keep deer and chickens out...

Peep's dust bath

Oren's dust bath

Darla remembered she had somewhere to be...

Oren's favorite things to pretend
1) that he is riding a motorcycle
2) playing restaurant
3) being Vance

Oren has been wearing the same shirt for two days. Hazel has pajama day at school today! That makes things easy! Along with a big Dr. Seuss celebration! Green eggs and ham this morning! With some of those eggs being from the Jansen farm!

We are getting chicks this weekend. 
Oh my gosh, my mothering, nurturing instinct is overpowering at times! I cannot wait to hold those baby chicks! And I am aware of how FAST they grow! I thought babies and puppies grew fast. NOTHING grows faster than a chick. 

I would get ten more but keeping up on the poop is really a task. I cannot believe how much they poop! All that winter chicken manure will be great for the garden. But any "new manure" will be too "hot"for the garden and storing it is not too fun. Wow, did I just mention a negative fact of raising chickens?? There are 30 positives.

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kelly said...

I got tickled at how Darla changed gears after she realized she had important business. :D Love your growing homestead. Every year it gets better and better. Can't wait to see your harvests. Love to see you enjoying life. Love you friend.