Saturday, March 26, 2016

As I reflect...

I love this old newspaper clipping. Jayleen Tjoelker gave it to me several years ago. October 16, 1969. My mom, freshman princess there on the right if you are looking at the picture.

I'll admit, I have wrestled with God a bit this March. 
I usually do pretty well with the TRUST factor. 
I don't understand His plan, but I trust it. 
That has not changed but the whispering WHY sort of surfaced more this week than it has in a long time.

My bridal shower at my Aunt Jill Davis' - I loved that evening!! 

Grandma Jule, me, Grandma Dorothy, Grandma Alma, my mom and Adie 
on one picture!! I think I need to frame this one. 

My mom's garden! picking flowers the day before my wedding

Jean Heeringa's garden. She was so sweet and welcomed my mom and I to pick from her garden for bouquets!! My Zylstra aunts all came and picked too! Barb, Janis, Meredith, Joan and Jill! Megan too. 
It was really a fun day. Beautiful weather, gorgeous flowers and good memories. We did not have a wedding fund. What was so great was Vance and I bought everything we could! Stan and Adie and Vic and Kris helped us. My mom and dad too. Many of the flowers were from Jean's garden and my mom's garden! And then my Aunt Barb worked her magic with all of them. She purchased some yellow roses and additional flowers too. I worked summer school in Royal City the summer of my wedding so I couldn't get over to Lynden to plan till about two weeks before our wedding. But the money I made at summer school went towards expenses. And those few weeks of that summer in Lynden were such a blessing.

My mom and Megan

John and Grandpa Ken! 
Our rehearsal dinner was at Stan and Adie's it was wonderful! 

My grandpa Ken was also called to heaven on March 25th

My mom and dad the day of Vance and my wedding

As I reflect, I feel very thankful. 
As I reflect, I feel like I could have maybe written this story better. ?? 
But when I really stop and remember God's role in all of this, I know that He is in control and also I know this is the way it should be. And the really wonderful thing is, He loves me even through the "whys" and the "what ifs"


kelly said...

Such a beautiful post Michele! Thank you for sharing these special moments with us. What a blessing to have these memories captured in pictures. I love being able to see the ones closest to your heart and hearing about them as well. Might have been the second picture I have seen of Grandpa Ken! My prayer this month is that God keep you all close during these times of remembering. Love you so much.

michele said...

Kelly - I love you! You are such a dear, genuine, compassionate friend!!!