Friday, March 25, 2016

Today is a day of balancing normal every day stuff, but also being somber and reflective that today is good Friday. Today is also the anniversary of my mom's death. 

How in the heck am I so lucky to have so many good friends? It all started with Lissa. We are STILL super close and I have this circle of additional women who are AMAZING. A couple checking in with me today, supportive and kind.

Merit, Willem and I did a really fun 5 k last Saturday! I think we will do another in April! 

Willem has baseball five nights a week. Merit, 4 nights a week. And soon the out of town tournaments will start! 

Hazel is SO easy right now. This girl. She is wise, smart, silly and she looks out for this family. She is feeling under the weather right now, but she is so sweet about it.

Vance, Oren and I enjoyed lunch out today. Then Oren and I thrifted.

I have thought of my mom ALL DAY. March 25th is the date she was called to heaven, my dear Grandpa Ken too! Those two were loved by SO many!!


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