Thursday, March 5, 2015

Thankful Thursday!

Two senior boys came out for pictures this week, Zach and Logan! It was great! Logan's mom Katherine and I got a lot of time to visit and I got many shots of Logan and also Zach on a beautiful almost spring day. Hazel joined the photo shoot and hike and Merit and Willem took care of Oren.

My kids have made me laugh this week. Good stories, great working together, Hazel likes to negotiate situations. I am enjoying them so much! Oren is shy around people he doesn't know and can be whiny. ugh, but then you get to know this turkey and oh my! The story telling, the joking around, the fun. He is intense. He is not as laid back as he was 6 months ago. He is very silly and he makes me smile!

I am so thankful for friendships! I have been so blessed by them this week!

Vance bought a grow light. We are going to start some seeds. He has two Bonsai trees -- he has this indoor little therapeutic plant area! I can hardly wait to get some greens planted in our raised beds!

I am so thankful for space to have a garden!

I got a dozen of these painted BALL jars at Goodwill the other day. 
I am crazy about the color. 
They scream garden party, but spring and summer for this family screams BASEBALL.
And you know what, I love it. 
When Katherine came out Tuesday we talked about how time flies by. I photographed her youngest of three sons. She can hardly believe her youngest is graduating! She encouraged me to soak up every moment. 
She shared that Moses Lake has been a great place to raise their boys, I really appreciated this.

Love lives here...

Willem and Hazel Jane

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Natasha said...

I love your property and what you guys do on it and all the pictures you take of it :) Whenever we come visit I love relaxing in your part of the world!