Thursday, March 19, 2015

If you aren't interested in raising chickens, you may want to skip this post :)

Baby chicks at the farm store
Hens running around
Fresh Eggs
Gathering eggs
I have raising chickens on the brain! 

And I want this one! 
Ha, just kidding, I am perfectly happy with starting small. 
But wow, there are a lot of cool set ups out there! 

I love this!

This is somewhat simple but really cute. 
And you know maybe we will start with just a couple, few chickens.
I still have to talk my husband into this... but a girl can dream right??

Maybe we could start small... something like this? 

ohhh and my hunt for old bright pyrex continues! 
Oren sure has put in a lot of miles traveling in his stroller through thrift stores

And this is just some sort of cheery! LOVE!

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Leah Roy said...

I've wanted chickens for a few years now! I hope Vance get's on board, you guys have the space and whats better than yummy/free eggs and raising chicks?!