Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Chicks, crafting, curiousity

Bonsai trimming and baby chicks!

I sort of feel like that chick is saying, "okay,  you got your photos now get on your treadmill" ;)

The curiousity.
The wonder.
This is precious to me.
And a little amazing. Nellie is a bird dog you know, a great pheasant hunter. ohhhh
We are showing her how much we love these chicks. So far so good. I do love how curious Nellie and Oren are so far and gentle.

And Hazel is such a mama

stringing balloons with dear, kind friends
This evening up in our loft last week was so fun! 
Liquid starch, flour, slippery balloons and laughter! And we were productive! 

These ladies are dear to me! 

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Natasha said...

Love those little chicks! I especially love the way Nellie looks in that picture!