Saturday, March 28, 2015

My mom

I sure miss this smile. 
I miss her laughter and her kindness. 
So many of us miss countless things about her. 
It was really fun to plan my wedding with my mom. This picture was taken at Vance and my wedding reception at his grandpa's.  I worked summer school that summer to make some 
extra money for expenses. And then the last part of July and most of August I had time off from work and  I soaked up time with my family - lots of time with my mom - and then had time to enjoy our wedding, reception and honeymoon. 
When our mom passed away, both of my sisters were planning their weddings. 
I wish she could have been there. My heart hurt then and still hurts for my sisters that she couldn't be there.
One of the letters my mom wrote me when I was living in Moses Lake! 

When I was 19, my mom, Lesha, Natasha and I went to Laughlin, Nevada. Oh my lands! 
That trip was so fun!!! I loved it! It was the only trip we did - just us girls - The above picture was taken at a restaurant in Laughlin. 

Many days I just miss the little things.
I miss funny conversations. I miss her flowers on her front porch. We talked on the phone everyday. I miss that. She enjoyed her children very much. Her family! Her influence, investment and kindness shaped us. She had Jesus in her heart! She shared her faith with us and she was a prayerful mother. When she passed away, her church home and family was Wiser Lake Chapel. She had some terrific friends there! And loved the pastor and his wife very much. 

I know I will see her again. I am so grateful SHE was my mom.

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Natasha said...

Such an awesome mom! She taught us so much and as the years go by I realize that she is still teaching me through the example she set for us while she was living!