Saturday, March 7, 2015

Pyrex, company, a little update...

I am so not a night owl. It is late for me, almost 10~ 
My dad is here. We enjoyed conversation, beautiful weather and time outdoors today and then a delicious
dinner at Michael's on the Lake tonight. Oren has not been real easy to take to restaurants over the past couple of months, but he did great tonight. It was a good evening.

Garden girl, nature girl, loves the outdoors

Our cozy cabin

I have been walking a lot! My kids motivate me! When Merit joins me we make really good time.
My friend Shannon motivates me too. Yay for lots of steps! Now I just have to stay out of the cake and candy.

Oh I have such a thing for old Pyrex dishes. Bowls, baking pans... And then I decided to search old Pyrex on Pinterest. Wow, I couldn't believe all that I saw and some people have come up with the cutest or more creative ways to display them! 

At basketball last weekend at 7:30 a.m. -- happy and cute! 

I think I get to see my sisters in April! 
I miss them like crazy! 
I called Phil today, hadn't talked to him since Christmas. 
We have seen Matt once since Christmas when he was passing through. 
Our lives are busy and full and our kids are "plugged in" here, in Moses Lake, so sometimes a lot of time passes between seeing family. It's okay. We enjoy it when we get it and I am thankful for them all! 
Next weekend, Will and I will run in a 5k - Carly's Smoothery will be there and I think maybe Grandma Kris and our good friend Sandy will do the 5k with us! If you want to walk or run a fun 5k next weekend, Longview Elementary's PTA is putting on a great event! 10 a.m. next Saturday! Registration before hand - that morning- or online.
Baseball will be a busy season, it is fun that aunts and uncles or grandparents sometimes catch a tournament or game and I LOVE it that our family has a lot of fun with the baseball families. 
March is here and spring is near. God is good and life moves forward. 


Natasha said...

Yes Spring is near! Can we have all of Hazel's hand me downs? :) Her clothes are so cute. I can't wait to see you soon!

Leah Roy said...

Agreed about Hazel's clothes, darling! Love your updates, Michele. Thanks for always sharing so openly and honestly.