Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Tuesday Morning Update

 More pictures from the little snow we got a week ago.

Today is sunshining and beautiful!
We had a fun Saturday of basketball in Royal City! Between games we ate at a Mexican restaurant that is so yummy. We have memories of eating there years ago when we would watch Carly and Kelcy play in Royal! Matt and Brenda came to support Will too. I hope to upload those pics today.
Conference weeks so the next four days are half days.  Except for Merit who has to go all day with basketball try outs after.
Please whisper a prayer for Merit he is a little overwhelmed with the anticipated schedule of basketball, homework, driver's ed... I think he is likely to make the team, he is pretty good. He may choose not to play. We just want him to make the right decision.

 Our foster kitties are doing pretty well!

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