Monday, January 25, 2016

Dreaming of warmer days, our weekend, Hazel's classroom

Merit had a basketball tournament in Wenatchee this weekend. They worked hard. No wins, four losses. The kids love staying at the hotel. Willem enjoys Merit's buddies as much as Merit does and they laugh, swim, play hide and seek - they are growing so fast! They were just nine and we were traveling with them for baseball, just getting to know these families. Merit gives it his all, always and we are so proud of him.

Very little sleep both nights away for me. I do wish I could sleep better away from home! So this makes for a tired Monday.

Hazel did GREAT at the games, lots of little friends to play with! I am so grateful for this! Willem has fun! Oren did pretty well but by the third game was asking to go outside. 30 some degrees and wet doesn't make for great outdoor play but he gets tired of the gym.

Hazel's classroom is SO inviting. Creative play tied in with tons of learning! I love it! In the fall they had a pumpkin patch in the corner of their classroom! Paper stuffed pumpkins on a vine. They weighed them, there was a cash regisiter... Then December it was a gift wrapping station! They wrote Christmas cards and ordered wrapping paper and bows and wrapped gifts! This month it is an igloo. An igloo made from empty milk jugs and toy penguins slide down the "ice" - February they will have a Post Office in their classroom. Hazel's teacher asked me to be on the look out for envelopes, blue button up shirts for those little kinder postal workers! and mail bags and hats. Well, Oren and I hit the Calico Cat thrift store today. They DONATED a big bag of envelopes and two darling shirts! Made my day! And tomorrow I am fabric painting two canvas "mail bags" - I will paint US MAIL on them. It is fun for Oren and I to be able to help her classroom a bit from home and through thrifting. We love it.

I'll admit, I was dreaming of spring and summer a bit today... but I do love winter! I am not ready for spring YET, but will be soon!

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