Monday, February 8, 2016

A greenhouse ordered, cleaning to be done, Valentines to be made...

Oh sweet memories. 
I will forever remember this evening! Willem and Hazel were giddy with spring fever! And watching them jump and play was awesome. 

Oren is transitioning out of naps. This is hard on me and it is hard on him. It is hard on the rest of the family over the weekend. He gets really grumpy some days and some days he does just great. He still takes a couple of naps a week. We both need those.

 Vance and I are dreaming a bit of gardening... and he just ordered a green house. 

 Baseball is under way once again. Winter conditioning.

Do you ever feel like this? I think we all do at times.

I am tired some afternoons and am trying to get it all done. Kelly, Lesha and I shared cleaning tips via text messages this morning~ I am running bleach through my washer right now. A cycle with no laundry, just water and bleach. Will get to the kitchen floor next. We need to start working on Valentines tonight. :-) Hazel and Willem want to make theirs. 
I subbed Friday afternoon and LOVED it. Longview is so terrific!

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