Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sunday Evening

This photo was taken at Stan and Adie's. I thought it was so cute. Love Adie's creativity there.

 This has been a winter of coloring! Snow, ice and fog mean more cozy fires, more baking and more coloring!

Win or lose, this bunch, we are HAWKS fans!! 
We sure enjoyed a day at Bryan and Katie's today! Cheering on the Seahawks and visiting! 
I am glad tomorrow is Monday. I need a Monday, especially one with the kids home. 
My to do list is long, but I have helpers.
Later this week we will celebrate Willem's 10th BIRTHDAY! And I get to sub in 3rd grade!!

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Katie Allred said...

Your blog is refreshing for my soul! I just love your photos and journaling of a family that is dear to me. I get you, my sweet friend. Thank you for always praying and encouraging me! Love you.