Monday, January 4, 2016

The snow won't be on the ground forever...

(Nathaniel Bong)
There won't be snow on the ground forever and because time is fleeting, I will enjoy it and I will also look forward to spring.

We went into Christmas break with a "snow day" and today was supposed to be the first day back to school, but it is also a "snow day" - it has been a good day! Slushies! Sledding! Chicken coop cleaning, hide and seek, monkey bread for breakfast and mac and cheese and smoothies for lunch. 
I think I have done 5 loads of laundry and there is still more to do. 
Our dishwasher is broken, but Merit, Will and I share that duty and it is going really well! Merit likes doing dishes better than he likes unloading the dishwasher.

The snow won't be around forever, babies don't stay babies forever, darling chicks turn into awkward "teenagers" quickly and Oren's crack won't be showing forever. But I suppose I can't be certain of that last one! 

I LOVED our garden last year!

In just two short months we will be able to get baby chicks again! 

I am reminded to enjoy the now. 

I have asked for prayer for my sis Natasha and I continue to ask for prayer for her and her family. Tasha and Reese are in CA and I think each day is a new challenge. I want to say each day is a new beginning and you know, I guess it is. I am able to look at it this way when I remember what God can do. It is just that the pain and struggle and toll of the day before sometimes carries over into the next day. Today was a new beginning for Lane and Estelle! They started school there. I saw their first day of school pic and they looked ready for this new beginning.

I will say some extra prayers for them this month. On January 12th, six years ago, their sweet guy Case was called to heaven. 

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