Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Press forward, but also remember to pray

On January 12th, six years ago, this family was shaken with the loss of sweet Case William. 
He was layed to rest on January 20th, in Lynden. His parents grace was amazing to me. 
We begged God for comfort and I think I may have begged Him for understanding. I have not ever understood, but I continue to trust God. 
A few years ago I took family pictures on Christmas Day of Natasha and Reese's darling family! 
Lane and Estelle kept leaving a spot between them. I would say "scoot in" "sit close" but when I viewed the photo on my camera, I immediately felt like Lane was leaving a spot for his little brother and Estelle a spot for her big brother. And then I wondered what this family would be like if Case was still here.

I remember calling Kristen D. and telling her about the photos and how often there was a space left for Case. It made me smile and it made me cry. And there are countless things that happen each week that make me smile and they make me cry.

I have some of the best girlfriends in the world and I love my family so very much but I think I have moments and feelings that make it hard to understand me. And then I think of Natasha and Reese and how very hard some days must be. When they move to a new place, they have such a story. A lengthy, sad, deep story. But they have so much beauty too. They are examples of love. They are examples of people who press forward in spite of the most difficult circumstances.

but you know what, it is not just getting through it and getting by - they have JOY too.



And we keep praying and keep hoping. I try to ENCOURAGE. I am certainly encouraged by Natasha's love and GRACE.

Because of life's unknowns. I soak up these kids because I know tomorrow is not promised.

Merit still makes this silly expression!

Wild Will
Sweet Haze

Bonus baby Oren Paul

The need for prayer never stops. It is never that all prayers have been said. Today I am thankful for Natasha, Reese, Lane, Case, Estelle and Ingrid. Tasha is a mom to four just like I am but one of her children is with our mom in heaven. The trials and burdens of this world are heavy. I do know a few things; I know not to sweat the small stuff. I know our mom doesn't have to experience the heartache and pain of this world and I know that it is important to support others through hard times.

And one can be joyful, grateful and hurting all at the same time.


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