Thursday, January 21, 2016

When I get out of my sweats... Life as a momma of four

I went to WalMart in my "work clothes" yesterday. Willem, Hazel and I ran in to get a few grocery items and a cake for Will. I had subbed in third grade (oh man I loved it!!)  I was feeling good wondering when the last time was that I was in WalMart in something other than sweats or yoga pants. ( I will have you know I do NOT do the pajama pants, but I would fit right in.) I am walking across the store wearing a cute scarf, feeling professional and I see a mom pushing a heavy, huge cart, holding her baby. Oh. This has been me many times over the past 13 years. I smile at her. I tell her that I have had many years of doing just what she is doing. I feel nostalgic. And then I realize it was about 4 days ago that Oren was on my hip and I was pushing a heavy cart of groceries. Ha!! I think I was just thankful to not be doing it AT THAT MOMENT and I wanted to encourage the sweet mama.

We headed to the check out line with a Seahawks cake. An old man asked me if it was on sale. ;-)
Then he told us he was a Patriots fan and from New England. He asked Willem and Hazel their names and he told Hazel she was beautiful. Positive social interactions can take place at WalMart.

I am feeling crafty! It doesn't take long before I can hold off from making a mess. I have been working SO hard at order. But my brain fights it. And then when many surfaces are cleared and items are in their place, I want to get a bunch of crafting stuff out or bake a pie!

In all this trying to find order, I lost my camera battery, some of the kids homework and thought I lost the book Merit had just finished reading and was needing to start a report on. But, the book was found.

We had dinner at El Rodeo last night! A great place to celebrate Willem's birthday! He wore the sombrero and they sang to him! Very fun. I love going out with this gang. Oren is getting easier at restaurants.

Today is good. Maria and three of her cuties stopped by. I had eggs and veggies for lunch. I am back in my yoga pants. Oren keeps angling for more of Willem's birthday cake. :-) Oren had a great day with Shannon yesterday and now likes to be hanging with mama. I might get a work out in and a chapter of the current book I am reading.

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