Thursday, July 23, 2015

When Kindness and Compassion Lasts and comes back again and again

some of our favorite days this summer have been spent doing something so simple!
Going for smoothies, playing at the park, hanging out in our yard...
I feel I have to stay pretty close to home. Both Oren and I really need his afternoon nap. ;-) We have a Lynden trip planned and an Alaska trip planned and I am  nervous for both. But, I am sure great memories will be made.

This summer a little piece of me is searching. It isn't a lack of contentment kind of search, it is searching to see who may need a kind word or some compassion. I have been blessed by it countless times. I think God is tugging on my heart saying "give back."

My nephew Case would be six this month. Six years old. Heaven is now his home and our mom, his grandma, can read him books, sing songs with him, hold him on her lap... picturing this gives me a bit of calm.

Five and a half years ago, the support our family felt at the time of his death was immeasurable. And the kindness and compassion shown then, well it comes back again and again. And you know, that is what kindness does.

I ran acrossed a card that Tami R. wrote me at the time of Case's death. It spoke to my heart then, as it does now. Please remember to pray for Natasha, Reese and family as the anniversary of Case's death approaches. And also, their sweet Ingrid will be one next week! I saw her when she was a few days old! And haven't seen her since. Cuddling that sweet one year old is something I will get to do soon.

I am thanking God today for kindness and compassion. And also, for the power of prayer.

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Natasha said...

Sooo true! I hope I can give back some of the kindness that has been shown to me for so long!