Monday, July 27, 2015

Girls Day!

 The Sleeping Lady, Leavenworth WA

Oh Grady's at The Sleeping Lady

Dinner at South! These girls are so good for the soul!

The Sleeping Lady in Leavenworth is a beautiful place! Tucked away in the trees... I had never heard of it. Marie knew about it and reserved a room there. Shannon and I didn't spend the night, we headed home but the other girls made it an overnighter with Jenn and Marilyn. Fun girls, good conversation, prayerful, wonderful friends! We got a little chunk of the afternoon there, at the Sleeping Lady, and then walked through some shops in Leavenworth and enjoyed dinner together. I am excited to go back! An autumn day in Leavenworth also sounds so wonderful.


Katie said...

So glad you were able to get-away for a girls day! Looks like a beautiful place, I've never heard of it! Love you and your sweet friends :)

Katie said...
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Natasha said...

Ohhh! Heavenly! Leavenworth is pretty much my favorite town. And a girls day there?!?!? Couldn't get much better

kelly said...

Beautiful ladies! Really looking forward to going to Leavenworth sometime...that was also always a name that was threatened us in the Air Force! Ha!