Sunday, July 5, 2015

Dedication, Commitment and Fun

Record temperatures, dedicated boys, committed parents, BASEBALL and then more BASEBALL. I LOVE watching these boys play. The teacher in me who has always loved kids now learns from and cheers on baseball players. And I am reminded, I always want to have kids in my life. Off the field they look like little boys. On the field they deal with quick thinking, intensity, they have to react quickly and they are expected to play hard. Regardless. 
They are disciplined, hard working athletes.
I am so invested in the ML9U team and the ML12U team and the friends our family have made through this, I will be forever grateful.
sliding into home!

Jansen and Meek

Jansen, Reeves and Meek

Merit, yesterday in Eastmont, against Eastmont

Merit and Mister

Will and some of his teammates

sweet Oren


Rowdy, stretching for the catch

Will running

Will playing hard!

Alert and ready

 Sweet memories made!!!

This game against Whatcom resulted in a big win for us.

Don't stop Willem, run!

I LOVE to watch both Merit and Willem's base running!

Anthony pitching, Will at short

Sweet slide by Zarek and runner is SAFE!

 Celebrating Kam's 2 run HOMER!
Trophy presentation. ML 12s got second in state.
This team has talent! 

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Natasha said...

Your boys will have such great memories of these baseball teams they're a part of!