Friday, July 10, 2015

Summer Days

sweet Nellie girl

Oren shares my love for the chickens.

Containing excitement or anger? Not possible when it comes to Oren Paul. But that really is what being 2 is about.
We went to the water park today and Oren LOVED it! Enjoyed it so much! And did not want to leave.

I've got a thing for herbs.

I have to clean up my house. 
Why is this so hard for me? And the room I am sitting in right now - I do not know where to begin.
I will get there. The kids are doing a great job of entertaining themselves. I love the games they invent with balls and the kiddie pool and Hazel is right there with the big boys. Oren too often times. I love summer days.

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Debra said...

Michele I can relate to where to start in a messy room! I have several rooms like that. Your sweet children will remember all those memories your making with them... I love Oren's expression on his innocent!