Sunday, March 30, 2014

Baseball, Weekend Fun!

These 4, I adore! 
It was so fun to camp with them this weekend.
Vance, Merit, Willem and Hazel left Friday at about 4:00 for Yakima. I stayed back with Oren who had a fever and was not feeling great. Oren and I had a quiet, relaxing 24 hours together. By 3:00 Saturday afternoon Oren seemed like himself so the two of us made the trip to Yakima. We had the opportunity to view some great baseball this weekend. And the time with family and friends is sweet. Lots of laughter by the campfire and making memories is fun.

Merit pitching, Carter at short stop

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Natasha said...

Fun! I am glad that you and Oren got to join the rest of the group too! Camping and baseball sound pretty great right now in this 30 degree weather!