Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Life, sunny days, MARCH

Oh my goodness, I am not sure I should be blogging! We've got piles, laundry, toys, scattered homework...  

I LOVE seeing the sun! Yesterday it was beautiful!!And it is again today! Hazel helped me wash the car in her swimsuit yesterday afternoon! :) Today we had a fun brunch with friends at Kelly's and then I took some pictures at the school for PTA. Now, Hazel and Oren are napping and I just planted a few primroses.

School is going okay for the the boys. Merit feels like fifth grade is a lot of work, but his grades are fantastic. He puts a lot of pressure on himself whether it is school, sports or being a big brother and a good son. Willem is a math whiz! And he is doing well in reading but I feel like I have to sit on him to get him to read. SO, our book right now is Big Nate and we like it. He reads a couple of pages and then I read seven or eight pages. The last two nights Merit has read it to him. We will finish this one. The last three chapter books we started we didn't finish. He sort of loses interest or just does not want to read on his own.
Hazel is a dream. This girl has a very fun personality. She is SO helpful with Oren. I can't imagine a more helpful big sister! She is bossy at times -- but oh this girl! 
Oren is so content. Some nights he sleeps all night, many nights I just need to plug his binkie in a few times. Last night he slept all night long, whoot, whoot!  He is so, so sweet. I soak this guy up! 

Homework patrol, wife, mom, laundry queen, house cleaner, peace maker, baby rocker... I have a lot of jobs. ;)  I am trying to think of quick, healthy meals with us having baseball every day this week. I have a photo shoot this week and two assignments to complete for my college course as well.

And this weekend Merit has a baseball tournament!  

I am so thankful God gives me the energy for this! I have more energy now than I did five or ten years ago. Maybe because I have to, maybe it is my frame of mind -- either way I am thankful I have it.

Natasha and Reese are having a GIRL! I am so excited for them! 

Not this past weekend but the weekend before Matt and Phil came for a visit! 
It was great having them! 

Vance got a new hoop for the shop. Lots of basketball and baseball going on around here! 

I played this with my brothers when they were just a little older than Merit and Will!
When they would come to Moses Lake to visit, this game was a hit. I have memories of playing it with our mom too. Now, the uncles are playing it with the nephews.
March is a month of reflection. It is so full of new life and new beginnings, but because it is the month my mom passed away, it is a month of a big goodbye too. I let myself really think about her, I look at more pictures. I sometimes even get the old home movies out. I don't know why exactly, but I let myself be sad in March. I have so much to be thankful for. She was a wonderful mom and I had her for 25 years! But, my greatest sadness today is that she did not experience being a grandma here on earth. Some tell me that being a grandma is even better than being a parent. Those words are hard for me to hear. 
I think because I know that life is short, I am keenly aware that I need to soak up the blessings around me. God granted me a lot of patience. I love, love, love raising these kids. Sometimes I think I could have four more and sometimes I think that if I did, they'd never have clean underwear. ;)



Natasha said...

Lane love the Big Nate books! Guesstures, I'd never thought about Matt and Phil being not much older than your boys when we would go over to Moses Lake to see you. Good times and memories!!

Katie said...

Love your post as always...I finally broke out my journal this week and wrote quite a few pages on each of the kids since I've been horrible at blogging! I want to look back and read about these much of the time, I feel like I'm in a fog and so busy getting the next task done. I need to soak it in more. You're good for me like that, reminding me to really soak these kids and life up. I will be praying for you to have extra comfort and peace about your mom this month...